Realms Of Odoric - Suidakra

Realms Of Odoric shows a band who are in the midst of their most creative period

Realms Of Odoric is a diverse and well thought out album where the songs makes sure to maintain the listener's interest through excellent melodies and alluring folkelementer. Overall, shows the Realms Of Odoric - a band who are in the midst of their most creative period, which does not say so little when they are as productive as they are. The album sounds like a soundtrack, making the songs have a bigger sound and a more intense expression. But the clothes certainly the band, and the album gets away with 8 skulls, and already now looking forward to the next album from Suidakra.

Suidakra are able to deliver even a kvalitetsalbum

Have Arkadius managed to renew Suidakra yet again?

German Suidakra are celebrating their 20th anniversary by releasing their twelfth album, Realms Of Odoric. The band's undisputed leader and founder Arkadius Antonik, has managed to renew the band through the time and to keep a constant high level.

Folk-music has been at the centre of the band's musical style, but with the addition of the elements of black and melodic death metal.

The album was originally written as a soundtrack for a fantasy project where the songs are screwed together so they fit to the metallen.

People-the elements add a tinge of diversity in the otherwise rather basic melodies

The album opens with the intro "Into The Realm", which is set up for the track "The Serpent Within", which indicates what we can expect on the rest of the album. The songs are a blend of atmospheric elements, bagpipes and melodic death metal with the sublime guitar-playing.

Arkadius is more prominent than in the past, and his hard voice drops as called in between his and Marius Peschs guitar playing. The double attack of the two guitarists complemented expertly by Lars Wehners drumming, which is not too technical, but is intense and furious at the same time. "The Hunter's Horde" is an example of this interaction between the musicians, when Lars' double-dealing on the stortrommerne flowing water in the river – together with leadguitaren and the vocals.

"Creeping Blood" and "Braving The End" are two songs that stand out from the rest of the album and sounds like filler on the soundtrack. They provide just one the opportunity to breathe in deeply before once again being bombarded with the melodic death metal, raging and fighting their way through the rest of the album. And the best as things go, and becomes a tad monotonous, then pull the album's gem, "On Roads Two Ruin", out of the hat. It brings with its melodic melody and thick layers of synthesizer a breath of fresh air to the heavy tunes.

With the album's penultimate song, "the Cimbric Requiem" delivers the band a spellbinding finale with his symphonies, and the band proves that you don't need a hard-hitting dødsmetalnummer to finish an album in a memorable way.

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