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Reaping What is Left - Deathstorm

Teutonisk nedrivningshammer for real

Austrian Deathstorm began his career with an EP back in 2011 called Storming with menace, and is a bit tyskerthrash-knowledgeable, you can quickly put two and two together in relation to the title. Since then there have been two fuldlængdealbums, of which I only have become acquainted with the proposed from 2016, the Blood beneath the crypts, which I found pretty cool, but they just lacked the last to really catch my attention. Something they will fix with the Reaping what is left! After a short intro banging the band: the first nail in the with the number Agent of dismay, which just sits in the closet. It is super intense, thrashet and very little polished, the pouring out of whatever plant, you now had to listen to the disc. I thought the same: Wow, this is great! Into not it, similar to the prisoners on the dial.

When hysteria becomes an art

I have fallen completely head over heels for Deathstorm! Actually, I think that they are doing everything right on this disc, for they capture the essence of everything I love by thrashmetal. It is eerily aggressive, the melodies are there, but underspilles for the benefit of an extremely detoured expression, that spreads out over guitar riffs, trommespillet and the delicious hysterical vocals, as frontman Marco fires. He reminds me a little of a young Darren Travis from an internal examination is conducted. Convicted thrashhit on thrashhit, when the dial here rolls out, and they have the same qualities, particularly in early records with Kreator, Destruction and Sodom possess, namely, to kindle.


There is not much of on the dial here, but it's also pløkhamrende no matter, when what they do works! I hate bands that will a whole lot, develop and become adults ... no plugs me something like Deathstorm, who just play what they love and have a great ear for the right riff and builds. There are not so søren's much more to say besides, that all thrashhoveder with a penchant for the old way to thrashe on the NEED to invest the coin in the Reaping what is left!

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