Less is more!

I am clearly a fan of the direction in which the Equilibrium has chosen to take. To use keyboards to interpret their people-elements works really well, as long as it does not take the upper hand. But dear Equilibrium; "less is more". Ro on, turn down all the extra stuff and gejl, or low maybe one or two songs further, so it will not be as overmæt and stuffed!

Fool me once, shame on me – fool me twice, shame on you!

Back in 2016, I had to realize, that the German Equilibrium had taken the ass of me – and not in the good way. I had been little work to notify their previous album Armageddon, and it was actually a little work, I had looked forward to. The first single, "Prey", was a game of sovereign melo-death a la Dethklok and Amon Amarth, so I was ready for a whole plate of the caliber. Unfortunately it turned out that it was just the one song, for the rest of the album was a portion formularisk German-people with lots of banjo and sing. Ergo I ended up with to give the album 6/10, and I was left with a bad taste in the mouth, and the disappointment hung heavy over me. But now the cheerful German ready with album number six, and it seems that they have chosen to look forward instead of back – and so they say that you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Many good ideas, actually too many!

For titled renegades combines the two elements, as the Equilibrium always has played with: folk metal and melodic death metal – and it works! There are still plenty of folk-rhythms and tunes, but they are now being provided by keyboards and synthesizers instead of acoustic instruments which gives the music a futuristic element. Ergo, we are out of something "electronic-neo-folk-melodic-death-metal". No, nor do I believe it is a thing, but now it is! It all gets delivered with plenty of clout, which is to be expected from bands from Germany, and a part of their numbers is still in German, so if you have a need to be shouted at on the world vredeste language, then it is also a possibility!

The explanation behind the violent (over)consumption of the keyboard, due to enough that the band has hired Skadi Rosehurst into the band, so there is now a real keyboardist, whereas it was previously controlled by René Berthiaume, who also had to manage the vocals and rhythm guitar. Skadi has otherwise been on the sidelines in a few years when she has stood for to make the coverart. Now she is therefore a full member – and I love that she has been allowed to plimre loose! There are moments on the titled renegades, where one is not quite sure whether it is metal or the house, you listen to, not to talk about the passage on the track "Path of Destiny", where there is a sudden interlude in the form of something rap in German – and this is bad, really bad! General saw is titled renegades greatest strength also its greatest weakness: namely, that each number has as many elements, so many shifts and so many ideas. It becomes supersaturated. As a listener, one is almost treated as a 'foie gras' -goose. One's ears are stuffed filled with music again and again, and you can't reach to digest a impression, before there comes a new one. Take, for example, the number "Kawakaari – The Periphery of the Mind", which must both have the beautiful song, vindharper, blastbeats, growls, sing-a-long and breakdowns – it becomes simply too much of a good thing. But as extra vermicelli, which no one ordered, so we're also just a matter cover of "Johnny B" by The Hooters from 1987 – another one of those decisions I don't completely understand.

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