Retrogore - Aborted

For fans of both old and new

Short and good, so is Retrogore an absolutely fantastic pop evil album, which should stand for one of this years big releases within the genre. It appeals to fans of both their old and newer material, as they still have retained the sound and style that their fans love. It is an excellent album which is without doubt one of their best releases to date. If you have been asleep for an hour and not know to Raunchy, but is a fan of bands like Carcass, Suffocation and Behemoth, then you will be really happy for this album in your collection.

Unique evil album and the tour de force from the belgian Raunchy

Death metal forged in hatred and carnage

They could celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2015 and once again new heights with their latest album, Retrogore. The band recently played in Denmark, d. 10. January, at the-Litre, had to take the to thank a unfortunately, more than halvtom floor in spite of an excellent back catalogue. The accomplished yet to play a good concert and you can hope that they can gain ground here in the country with this album.

They have continued where The Necrotic Manifesto left off, and there is yet again screwed up smaddermaskinen on the lead the way. There is thought of everything, right down to the theme and a great artwork as this time is made by Christopher Lovell. The theme of this plate encircles the old retro horror movie like Evil Dead and Hellraiser, and it provides the perfect setting for it which they even call their meanest album to date.

Who you gonna call? Gorebusters!

Retro the mood and the discomfort will set in time with the intro track "Dellamorte Dellamore" and then it goes saftsuseme strong. The title track "Retrogore" tonser start browsing, and build the foundation for Aborteds dødshus and you get freaked out to find out what is hiding behind the door of fear and horror. And you will not be disappointed. Everything you could wish of the pace, the aggressiveness, and merciless dommedagsvokal, beating off from the start to the finish. If Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees had listened to something during their bloodshed, then there was with the warranty Raunchy on their playlist.

The track "Divine Impediment" sets the aggressive pace down for a while and makes room for a sinister and vicious guitar, which gives the vibes from the Behemoth. However, there are still plenty of hammer on the drums, but the guitar follows the quiet and gloomy on the sidelines, and it works damn well. This number is also helped along by the additional vocals from Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation. They create a brand new era within the genre and takes a big step in the right direction. With tracks like "Whoremageddon", "Termination Redux" and the monstrous "In Avernus" so you get really the destruction of all the money. There are extensively borrowed sound clips from the old movies, and it gives just the last one that you just feel it here album all the way through the 43-minute torture, and evil.

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