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Rise Of The Dragon Empire - Bloodbound

Old Ole!

I don't know if it is because the band does not have a real identity, but Bloodbound lacks real impact, and it is as if they stopped at the power and forgot the metal part. For missing really some "umph!" in Rise of the Dragon Empire. Of course, I think that there must be blastbeasts and grindcore-vocals, but therefore you have to be a little more energetic and enthusiastic about his metal band, than the Bloodbound is. There is about as much time in the album, as there is a bingoarrangement in Brovst on a Tuesday afternoon – which is actually super annoying, almost provocative, for there are moments in individual songs, where you are sure to, now sticking it out, but alas no.

The result is therefore a well-produced and røvsyg plate about dragons, wizards, and evil monarchs – in other words; if the Game of Thrones last season was a metal albums, so it would be this.

Bodyglitter and identitetskriser

Swedish Bloodbound has since 2005 sung about dragons, sinister wizards, and forgotten ruins in the mysterious groves. If you look in their discography through, you will probably find that the Bloodbound is a band that has had a hard time figuring out which leg to stand on. Powerbands tend often to find a specific item, which they then grow beyond recognition – for example, Sabaton who love the history of the world, or Rhapsody of Fire, which laller around in their own media. Bloodbound have both been playing with the fangs and bodyglimmer but also latexsværd and cloaks of the nervous velour – but regardless of the various identitetskriser, so has their music always been relatively generic powermetal with everything it implies.

Saw, the Bee Gees and pølsefingre

Bloodbounds biggest weakness is still, however, their vocalist Patrik J. Selleby. Not because he sings outright bad, though his Swedish accent is a little violent. His biggest problem is that he sounds like 97% of all other powervokalister – that is a little easier androgynous beautiful song with added falsetto-shouting, which would get even the most trained kastratsanger to take care for its lack of testicles in sheer phantom pain. And you can't say falsetto without also saying keyboard, for the lord jemini, which has Bloodbounds keyboadspiller, Fredrik Bergh, however, is also busy trying to smash its Swedish korve-fingers down on the poor keys. But it is a little, as if the rest of the band forgot to tell the poor Fredrik, what they actually play. Take, for example, a number such as "Magical Eye", where the rest of the band plays one song, while Fredrik interpret the theme from the SAW films on its rickety keyboard. The result gives one some fine mental images of the doll Billy, who dances cheerful around while he fights imaginary dragons – which was hardly it, as the band went after.

Bloodbounds biggest problem is that the most talented members, namely the two guitarists Henrik and Tomas, don't get more leeway. Be preserved, once in a while there comes when a guitar solo, but they are too short and drown in the keyboardlal and the Bee Gees-karaoke.

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