Rituals of Power - Misery Index

No dear mother

As the sensitive snowflakes I now even, it is wonderfully liberating with a plate that does not leave time to sit and stare silently out the window while I think about my own role in the life of noir. Here, there is no navel-gazing reflection, only a burning desire to win the mass brawl, which is our existence, armed with a gudsforladt the urge to split all the shit ad. But it is impossible to be angry in the company of Misery Index; the is it for us, and even quite effectively. Their indignation is righteous in a world that is totally from the mind, and I see Leonardo Dicaprio undershot in the "Wolf of Wall Street" for me. The album itself is relatively short, which I'm a little glad. For all my words of praise, despite it is a brick in the back of the neck, and the production makes it extra heavy to get through. Yet they've hit the balance between form and content well, and I forgive them the long-lasting problems, since they at least are nice enough to help me pick my teeth up again.

Not mri. Who-any time

Misery Index is not a bunch of green opkomlinge with a committed socio-political perspective. With 20 years of experience is the foundation for tænderskærende and uncompromising aggressive music posted, and even though there is only a single original member left in the original constellation, the band's newest member, Darrin Morris, has been a part of the squad in the near ten years. So there is not so much groping to find common ground, neither new entrants members with the ideas, that should stir up the musical pot, here on their sixth album.


Fy for a spoonful

The first track, "Universal Untruth" woke up with the same my curiosity. A little feedback sets the tone with a few introductory chords, and a drum set, which gives the feeling that there just must be bent knuckles. Feel the contact between knuckles and face. The vocals are raw, guttural and aggressive in a way that evokes associations with, respectively, the more recent Obituary, All Shall Perish – the latter especially in the interaction with the music. Their midtempo dødsgrind come here well to his right with consistent dobbeltpedaler and an unpretentious melodic aspect, and the transition to the next track, "Decline And Fall" is almost elegant. Pace slowing considerably in the weather, and there is no doubt that the brutality is at a premium. The thrash-inspired solo gives the track a boost out of what well could have been a little monotonous, and just that is an important element in the overall coherence across the late.

There are good things to say about all the numbers. "The Choir Invisible", "New Salem" and the title track is the well-chosen singles, like all three associations to go'e old Dethklok. It does, however, for other reasons, not the least applicable for the song "New Salem", which is also the name of Misery Index's newly-launched coffee. And with coffee as with Rituals of Power: there will be eddermame crunched. When you come through the three songs that make up teaserne for the plate, however it becomes real. I admit that I had let myself get distracted by other pursuits, but "They Always Come Back" rev me back to the brutal reality, with its uncompromising and at the same time engaging staccatovokal. Frontman Jason Netherton has a tone of voice which, put together with trommernes relentless blastbeats, recalling the previous years Malevolent Creation-plate, which got me to crawl on the walls in enthusiasm.


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