Rituals - God Module

Dark and heavy Swiss Witch Doom

shEver is a Swiss Doom Metal band founded in 2004. The band consists of Alex (vocals) Chris (bass), Jessica (guitar and vocals) and Sarah (drums). The band has since their start in 2004, produced and released their albums themselves until they in 2011, was signed by the record label Svart Records. In 2012 they released their first album under the Svart Records namely the album Rituals, which I have listened through. The band plays what they call the Witch of Doom, taking much of their music deals on witchcraft, dark forests, etc. Yes see now just the name of the album Rituals, it also provides a little sense.

But here is most of all very heavy, slow and atmospheric Doom Metal with lots of slow rhythms from both guitar, bass and drum games. When I say slowly I mean so heavy snails-pace riffs, with lots of deep bass. The vocals on the album vary a lot, ranging from gutteral growls to clean vocals. Some of the songs are reminiscent of early Black Sabbath tracks, such as "(You Are) The Mirror', which actually is one of my favorite tracks on the disc.

However, it must be said that I'm not even a big fan of Doom Metal, but here is all in all, talk about a good release, there is definitely a listen worth. I was a little overasket than that I liked the album, since I'm not a big fan of Doom Metal at all. But you must definitely have fat on it if you are very atmospheric metal, and of course if you are a Doom Metal fan.

Finally, I will conclude with the song "Je Suis Nee", as pt is the only track from the album, which is available on YouTube.

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