Rod - RAM

Heavy metal is the law

Do you like your heavy metal a little heavier than average, both musical and lyrical, and bands like Enforcer and Portrait are among the favorite, then you will definitely get a lot of pleasure of RAM.

Crushing heavy anthems in the dark wrapping

RAM is a band that I have followed with great interest, ever since, in 2003, tearing the sound barrier for the first time with their debut ep, Sudden Impact. Here came a band with a mission, and since then they have just put on. The band are now on their fifth fuldlængdeskive, so let us look at it. It is always fat with the joy, and the one in the second, the first number, "Declaration of Independence", put the disc in time. It is unmistakably RAM, that flows out of the speakers – heavy metal with an underlying darker tone! For how many of the newer heavy metal bands fill their texts with the fast ladies, parties and beer, so is RAM's universe far more dark and serious.

The world is on the way down... according to the RAM

Tekstuniverset on the Rod deal with this, most of the disc's second half, which is designed as a concept around the Ramrod The Destroyer – the takeover of our world. It is a concept, the band have already affected on their first disc. In the first part of the disc, there is also the amazing song "the Gulag" about the Russian concentration camps, which were used in the period from 1923 to ca. 1961. Musical is it also the RAM, as we know them: melodic, but gloomy heavy metal, that sounds a bit like a clash between Judas Priest and Dissection around Reinkaos – yes, also a band like Watain to intrude, when you hear the Root. And on top we have one of my yndlingssangere in heavy metal, namely, Oscar Carlquist, who, with his glassplintrende and at the same time fiercely aggressive expression is to emphasise that the RAM is not heavy for fun, but heavy for real!

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