Runaljod - Ragnarok - Wardruna

The last gambit in Wardrunas trilogy does not live up to predecessor heritage

A, B, C / F, U, Th, A, R, K
Wardruna is a peculiar size. It is not metal as such, but has a pedigree that leaves no doubt, it is still quite mædl. For the few who have not yet discovered Wardruna, it's roughly an implemented and well-executed game ambient viking/folk that interpret the older futhark – the first of many runealfabeter. Modern instruments are banned, and the lyrics are subject to strict rules of old norse poetry. In short, if you do not find an ensemble that has better grip on our shared cultural heritage than Wardruna. With this, their third album, they have been the whole alphabet through, and now hold wharfs, a journey it has been.

Acoustic vikingetrance
Already a minute in åbningsnummeret "Bull", I sat with a pretty good feeling. Had I not been so busy to listen, had the mesmerizing rhythms transported me in a trancelignende mode. You are just a bit familiar with the norse gods pantheon, you know that the Bull is the god of war, and the number of the same name can best be described as six and a half minutes of acoustic pre-krigshymne. A grumbling mans choir, something that sounds suspiciously much like rattling bones, combined with a pounding drum set imagination in time with me. And so this is not music for people who don't have a lively one. The whole thing reeks of atmosphere and respect for tradition, and as I wondered in the aftermath of the founder Einar "Kvitrafn" Selviks intimkoncert earlier in the year, due it is never reactionary and assumed authenticity.

Actually, there are really many good moments in Ragnarok. Of all the (downloaded in nature) effects, to give it here album a carried out organic sound, Ursus Arctos probably the coolest featured vocals I've ever heard. Period. The track "Odal" features a children's choir, and a feeling that when the sun rises in the morning, it is all okay anyway. For it may well be pretty bleak, although it is not a major problem, it does not overshadow how much I love the whole concept. You will not find any ensemble that is so well thought out in many other places, and I have the deepest respect for all involved in this project. Einars clear and unpretentious voice sounds just as heartfelt, as it always has done, and what, the man can not on a kraviklyre, is not worth grates home about.

End for this time. Maybe.
When I am finished with that skamrose Wardruna – both for what they are, what they can and what they will – I am unfortunately still left with a feeling of something is missing. If it's because the last part of this particular alphabet is less dynamic than the previous two, I could not say. But I have a conjecture about why there is missing something of the wildness and ear for melody that characterized, respectively, Gap Var Ginnunga , and Gore – anything that gets the Ragnarok to appear as the weakest link in an otherwise awesome trilogy. It could be because Gaahl is no longer involved in the creative process? No one who has heard Einars other projects, will challenge my contention that he is a musical genius. But the fact is that this album is far less coherent than its predecessors, and it is just for that point on, he no longer has a sparring partner in the aforementioned. This album marks the end of Wardruna, or whether they throw themselves over a new project, I do not know. But as predicted in the elder Edda, a new earth rise up out of the sea after ragnarok...

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