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Seal the Deal & Let's Boogie - Volbeat

Lots of success and it belongs to

I had hoped for some surprises, as I sat down and heard Seal The Deal & let's Boogie, but the surprises I got was not of the good kind. There is not much to come to the metalfolket on this album, and it should just come to terms with. If you must compare it with their previous albums, so it's still a big disappointment. There are numbers that give a glimpse of Volbeat, as we have seen before, but they have really reached an agreement on this album, and unfortunately, it is not with the devil. It is a polished albums for the whole family and will be loved by more than it will be hated by. I neither love it or hate it, but had hoped that they had given it a little bit more than just bagpipes, soup, steak and ice cream. If you buy the delux version of the album, the rewards you 59 seconds of delicious thread in the best of thrash-style on the track "Slaytan". And yes, that was said to be 59 seconds, and it was only on the delux version. It makes you want to shout 'narremetal', as shown is not a word – but you understand what I mean.

Volbeat has been fanebærere as our great metalhåb, but there is not much metal left

But is there still hope?

Volbeat share the waters so much on their sixth studio album, that even Moses would be disgusted. Is it the whole metal-snobbery, or the band has really sold out? It is perhaps a bit of a mixture. Maybe it's time to look in the eyes, that Volbeat is a band that plays rock 'n' roll, and that just spiced it all up a bit with the metal on some songs and not vice versa? It is probably the case, you have to look at it, if you must buy this album, and where is the pity. For the master the both parts as well, so where the hell is the cool riffs and the raw attitude? When you know what they have done, so there is still hope, but you are damn a little nervous.

The devil has come to collect your metal license

Before the release of this album gave the band us a taste of what we could expect in terms of numbers "The Devil's Bleeding Crown", "Forever" aka "The Bliss" and "Seal The Deal". The expectations were then shot entirely in the basement, but the latter number gave a glimmer of hope that there was a substance on this album, which just tasted a bit of heavy tones. It is a nice number that has a little of everything, which is what has characterised volbeat'in musical direction. But I will now instead talk about what the album otherwise contains, and therefore refrain from to come up with a long screed about the track "Forever", which than I would like.

The first new, fresh document is "Marie Laveau", which is about a woman in the 1700-century New Orleans who practiced voodoo. Exciting story, as to start with to be followed up by some nice, stable, heavy riffs, and it begins suddenly to taste of a delicious blend hard rock, but then comes the chorus. It is boring and predictable, and that's how it is unfortunately with many of the songs. It starts so good, but so is being pleaset for coffee-and-cake-segment.

A number, where it all actually fits in well, "The Gates Of Babylon", where the chorus actually is edible and fits very well to the style that is loaded with the entire number – but on a very small mandate. It is just about to tip over into the ordinary, but doing frisag. Danko Jones guests on the album and samples to spice it all up a bit on the track "Black Rose", but just a little helps it. The whole thing is damn too easy, and there will be not taken some chances. As the intro to "Rebound" started in the form of fold-in-tact, I was just about to drop the cigarette in his lap. Michael Poulsen still does it, he is the best – and peace be with it. Nothing new under the sun there, but his vocals are about something else, the band's trademark.

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