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Seven Heads Ten Horns - The Foreshadowing

Seven Heads, Ten Horns is a perfect example of a successful musical development

The album has a length of 55 minutes, but time flies and there are so many good moments that the album demands to be played repeatedly. The only thing missing that I could have given the album full house, was if Marco Benevento just a single time had come out from his comfort zone and had sung different, growlet or screamed.

Seven Heads, Ten Horns is a perfect example of a bands successful musical development and it is awarded, therefore, also a skull for each of the nine songs.




Alluring, epic and grandiose album from The Foreshadowing

11 year and 4 plates should be, but now they have got created a monster with apocalyptic ancestors

Italian The Foreshadowing, play goth/doom metal and they are now out with their fourth studio album: Seven Heads, Ten Horns.

The idea was from the beginning to have formed a band that could rise from the ashes of bands such as My Dying Bride, Katatonia and Anathema. Their goal was to make music that could provide the same musical image, but with a more modern tone, mixed with the band's personal touch, which the here on the Seven Heads, the Ten Horns have really succeeded. So if you are into grandiose melodies, doom metal rhythms, sung with a voice like Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode), so you do not miss this monster of an album from The Foreshadowing.

The monster is let out and makes an end of the united Europe

The album is a semi concept album based on the united Europe's decline and its biblical relation to the tower of babel. The Foreshadowing continues their recognizable gothic/doom style, where the sound again is paramount. The addition of drummer Giuseppe Orlando, has just added another dimension to their sound. This has resulted in that the music has become more progressive and dynamic and sometimes strays away from the classic gothic rhythms. His technique and power behind the drums can be heard clearly on the "Fall of Heroes".

The rest of the lineuppet is unchanged by Alessandro Pace and Andrea Chiodetti on guitars, Francesco Giulianelli on bass, Francesco Sotto on keys and Marco Benevento on vocals. Marcos vocals reminiscent of, as previously written, a lot about Dave Gahans, which fits perfectly into the atmosphere. There is throughout the album a fine balance between light and dark, which falls completely in line with the themes of the songs.

Of the songs that should be mentioned in this context is the "Two Heroes," "Lost Soldiers" and "17" which all three are very different and as yet formed a common musical picture. The last number on the record is the song "Nimrod" which, with its 14 minutes, is a good example that summarizes the development of The Foreshadowing has reviewed, with more focus on the melancholy melodies and the atmosphere. If there can be drawn a comparison to another band that through time has evolved enormously, so that the Seven Heads, Ten Horns close up of Paradise Lost where the musical was in the beginning of the new millennium.

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