Shapeshifter - Mortillery

No tsunami wave

The New Wave of Canadian Metal turns out not to be a tsunami in each case not in this place. The title song Shapeshifter is to take the wind a little out of the sails of a fast sailing vessel, and confuse the picture more than good is. To get a powermetalfornemmelse on the number, something Mortillery perhaps can deserve praise for grappling with, but in fact it should have been. It seems misplaced and is to mudre general appearance. The song fails as such not something, but when the first 8 songs are relentlessly thrash, with very few frills, so it seems very strange, suddenly to let that go tolkien and powermetal in the last. A pretty good album, with a few scratches in the paintwork, ends bad.

7 perplekse and yet both well entertained and headbangende skulls.

An ambitious attempt to blend aggressive thrash with melodic metal has very appropriately received the title of Shapeshifter – it changes slightly the shape as time goes on.

The New Wave of Canadian Metal?

Canadian Mortillery are on track with their third full-length studio album, Shapeshifter. The band has been around since 2008 and has changed a bit in the ranks, however, with a solid core of members as the blood-red thread. With Cara McCutchen, the band has a female lead, and thus stand the band out a bit from the standard thrashscene. Whether it is good or bad will often be a matter of taste.

Melody and aggression fused together

In general, is the album well written and well done. Mortillery abilities of the difficult art of throwing small chunks of genuine melody into a very aggressive thrash. It makes the vocals brings reminiscent of both Rob Halford and Judas Priest.

The opening track "Radiation Sickness" has a nice sing-verse, which is tantamount to a hit. What you think about this on a thrashalbum will probably divide the waters a little, but this reviewer is now difficult delighted at the prospect of music. The album is generally provided in the typical fast-paced, when it is thrash we're talking about. Just the pace is both the album's strength and weakness, there are too few variations in the individual numbers, and in fact also from number to number.

The fierce and energetic expression is lovely and the interaction is absolutely in order, like the solos are quite fine. But as adjectives here also betrays, as I am neither the fall down of the chair or run into the ditch, blinded by the enthusiasm. I was otherwise in the beginning, and had I written the notification for 5-6 gennemlytninger ago, had the tone probably would have been different thrilled.

For although the track "Bullet" is a slightly different number, both because it plays in spurts and because Mortillery again manage to mix a bit of melody in the aggressive thrash, then there is still a few of the kinds of small delicious details that immerse themselves in on the album. The song "at the Gates" stands out along with "Bullet" – they are just as aggressively and energetically delivered, but with greater finesse.

However, the number that both closes and gives its name to the album in a category of its own, and it has divided the internal waters of my poor head from day 1.

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