Sky Burial - Nadja

Brilliant genre-pioneers or stilforvirrede metal-flippers...?

Doom, sludge, speed, hard rock or... hardcore death? Or what about a little blues? American Inter Arma blend numerous genres down in doom-the bag and shake it well and thoroughly on Sky Burial - a gloomy and fascinating album in its own particular way.

There are just some albums that must be considered as one large work of art in itself, and where you don't just hear one single number. You should hear the record from start to finish to be able to really experience it. And such a plate is Sky Burial. The alluring doom-universe is really really nice and will be allowed to unfold to full plate long numbers. They are interrupted with short instrumental pieces, a sort of interludes, and it works really well and contributes well to the whole experience. But the disc's great strength is in many ways also the great weakness; so many signature! Not from one number to the next, but along the way in each number. What starts as an acoustic ballad, becomes fast to speed-metal, which, in turn, will be blueset hard rock in one and the same number! And it is just a simple example. A quite interesting way to play doom on, but not necessarily good. It is primarily doom with added sludge, as we hear, And it is absolutely beautiful and alluring. But av where there are many change. And also really for many. Unfortunately! One when just, to be lulled into an almost magical doom universe, before you skinned, involuntarily, into hardcore death with the growl and noise, there are so exaggerated, to the nuances of the music disappears. Some will love it, but not me... I sit back and think; why? Now it was just as good, so why destroy it? Is it just to try something new and think out of the box? Is it because Inter Arma will not be stamped only as a doom-band? I have not got a clue. But it is too much of a good thing, and a bit of hard effort, to stand out...

Of course, you can choose to view it from a positive angle and say that it is the fat with surprises all the time, so it does not become monotonous, but you can certainly turn it on, and think the chamber over and becomes too much. It is in the highest degree a matter of taste and preference. I position myself somewhere in the middle and declares that in certain places it's great, while I five minutes later want to turn off.

Have you hung to smoke a small pipe tjald and dreams into something alluring doom, so I would imagine that the Sky Burial is a great idea to throw on. However, in quite unaffected tirsdagstilstand, it seems to me, most of all confusing and messy. So I can appropriately ask the question again, as in the title: Brilliant genre-pioneers or stilforvirrede metal-flippers...? Judge for yourself.

'sblood - not the disc's best number, but only video from the record company

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