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Slaves of the Shadow Realm - Legion Of The Damned

An album for the already established thrash fans

When everything comes to everything, so you are left with a thrashalbum of relatively high quality. It is enough to capture the listener and also brings the joyous associations of the european thrash bands such as Kreator. However, it is rare that you will feel completely blown the back of this release, and the record is neither an effort to recreate the genre or push it in a completely new direction. This would in other words probably not be the first album you showed to someone who was not inside the thrash genre. However, to thrash and don't mind that it is a tad predictable, I would definitely recommend that you bought this album.

From the occult to the damn

The Legions of the Damned, has since 1992 pursued the dirty and think something dirty art form called thrash metal. Then they went under the name Occult. After a good handful of discs, they chose to try with another name, and thus originated the Legions of the Damned in 2006. The band do in the degree is said to have been productive, and has since then released seven albums, here in the editorial office has received quite good reviews. After a relatively long break from the studio in five years, they are now ready with their first album, Slaves of the Shadow Realm, and expectations are thus sky-high. But can the Dutch band still stick to the aggressive immediacy, or will the spontaneous and wild energy be absent?

Good crush, good pace!

There is certainly no doubt that the Legions of the Damned in the extent, still is a thrash-metal band. The dial is fast and angry with palm-mutede riff, skank-beats from the drums and everything else the genre is known for making the best. It gets borrowed a lot from their German neighbours and the music from the "The Big Teutonic 4", particularly where Kreators influence making itself known. This can be heard especially on the hissing and snarling vocals. Like Kreator on their recent releases have gone in a more melodic direction, the Legions of the Damned also put more focus on the melodic in the guitar riffs. This does not mean, however, that the aggression and the anger is gone, which for example can be seen on the afslutningsnummeret "Palace of Sin", that also is gone and has been one of my personal favorites on the record. Hovedriffet is anything near as simple as the genre allows it, but perhaps it is also this immediacy that catches my attention. In addition to the rip-roaring fast verse breaker the also it down in one piece, where powerakkorderne get more space to hang around. ⅔ Parts inside the number.

It is, however, not the whole thing, which is to play as quickly as possible. "The Slaves of the Southern Cross" is an excellent example of a well know song in something that recalls midttempo, where the relatively relaxed and slow drumming creates a good contrast to the many fast notes played on the guitar. Also here we are later treated to a piece, where the guitar powerakkord are allowed to hang a little longer and the blade through. It is, however, not the entire plate, which is just catchy, and even though the songs contain everything needed to make a bold thrash-slice, there is still a little bit lacking. After a couple of numbers is the a little as though, a little bit of boredom begins to creep in, even though riffene is good, it seems to be still sometimes, as if there is missing a little bit. As if they got a really good idea for a riff, but unfortunately didn't take enough time to work it completely. However, this is not the case for the entire plate, but is a trend that is felt from time to time.

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