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Slime And Punishment - Municipal Waste

Round six with the municipal waste

So, once again it is time for the u.s. Municipal Waste publishes a fuldlængdealbum. They have kept a longer pause; more specifically, it is five years since the band's last real slice, The Fatal Feast, hit the street. And what has happened as a result of the waiting time? Well, quite frankly, is in my ears not happened. The band still plays thrash/crossover metal with tongue placed well in cheek.

No news is good news... or?

I have never followed the Municipal Waste especially close, but their music has crossed my path every now and then. The band has lots and again lots of energy, as the trigger in short energetic numbers. It thrashes away for full curtains with riffs that roar out of the speakers, and a ranting vocal, backed up by bøllekor, and it works quite fine. I find, unfortunately, that I pretty quickly stopped listening after properly, for all of the tracks sound exactly like each other. They stick together to a large mass of energy, but in my ears not much else. It is simply not enough to maintain my interest through the disc's 14 tracks. They do however get a plus in the book to include some really cool soloting, that almost sounds Metallicask.

You can like their...

... then you can definitely also like Slime and Punishment, and then there is of course only one thing to do. You are generally to the thrash/crossover as SSC, S. O. D. , M. O. D. and Acrophet, well, then there will certainly be nothing to come after. It is a fine disc, Municipal Waste has concocted; the hits just not quite my personal taste.

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