Solas - The Answer

10 years of jubilæumsalbum is far from a firework

An outright fuser completely without edge

The Answer garnered huge acclaim for their debut album Rise, which was released ten years ago. Since then, the northern irish hard rock/blues band had uncommon difficulty to repeat this success, and it makes in the degree also applicable on the band's seventh album Solas. The edge they had to harmonize with their so-called classic rock and the blues is not to track some places on this album. We are so far from hard rock as we can possibly get, but because of their previous works obliges me, of course, to a review, and it has been an incredibly hard process.

Hopelessly energiforladt and unimaginative!

The album starts otherwise excellent with the title track "Solas", which has a good energy, heavy bass and some delicious rockspor. It all works really well, and one can sense the hard and atmospheric mood, as the track builds up. It is completely in line with what the band were known on their first album. It goes, of course, slowly, as it always has done, and, therefore, marks also their blueselementer, but the energy they bring and has to offer really shines on this number.

So it begins, or to wobble tremendously. "Beautiful World" has a little bit of what to expect from the band, but it pinches tremendously to keep the momentum. Well two minutes in the song begins slowly to be built a little on the soundstage, but it is still extremely tame. The vocals are very prominent, and it is clear that it is the people who keep the foundation up, and it can unfortunately not carry.

It is sometimes soporific boring. Which is lacking in the degree of imagination, and it all seems hopeless energiforladt. I care certainly not about to sable an album down, because I know how much time and work is put in to make a plate, so therefore caps the me not having to denigrate people's hard work. That is just it with this album, that I doubt there is put much work in it. It works to the degree that a band that is going to sell out, and then I have no problem with expressing my opinion. I think this album is a product, where their record label had more than a finger in the game. You need to be more than very big fan of this band before you will find it attractive. It is in no way poorly produced,and / or incoherent. It is simply just a pissehamrende tame album.

It is not the answer, it's just the wrong question

Now I'm at the conclusion and do everything I can to find bright spots on this album, but it just seem to get worse: The only highlight, which is to find, is the title track. A good example of where they are really trying to get back on track with the number "Left Me Standing", where the whole thing gets the edge, as they have balanced so well with, but where it all falls on the floor and directly become embarrassing. Incredibly cliché-infested and poorly written text, which leaves one speechless. I really hope that they will take this as a bump in the road, detach yourself a little more and get back on track. I simply refuse to believe that this is what they really deep down wants to convey out to their fans. I would describe it as a mediocre pop/rock albums, but I have heard Nickelback with substantially more attitude than on this album. It is a ommer!

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