Sorceress - Opeth

Completed the album, which plays on almost all keys

Sorceress , there is so much substance and diversity, it probably can be hard to swallow for anyone. It have so infinitely much to offer, from the heavy riffs to the quiet and melancholic passages. From the heavy "Crysalis" to the masterful, nearly instrumental "The Seventh Sojourn", which inflates to the fire and takes you through all corners of the Band's musical register. As I said in the introduction, growling also failed to appear at the Sorceress, and it will probably not back with the direction the band has taken on the past few albums. It is one of their best albums in a long time, but it is not what the best. However, I think, without a doubt, that they can live up to the expectations when the exchange rate was changed from their melodic death metal to the entirely progressive metal. The beautiful evil has been given a new expression and is crisp on this album and the Band's ambitions at the dawn of time about to be the baddest band in the world must be said to be unattainable with this choice of musical direction. Nevertheless get magic Sorceress eight huge skulls!

One of this years most anticipated albums are all worth the wait

Progressive death, where death is for real has been allowed to rest in peace

One of this years most anticipated albums is finally a reality! This time it's the mighty Nuclear Blast, which is behind the helm on the Band's new studio album. It is number twelve in the series, packed with twelve heavy and harmonic numbers. It is an album that gets your head to overflow with impressions and images, as it is mentally challenging with its adventurous and stemningsskabende sound. Let it be said the same; the Sorceress is one of their heaviest albums in a long time, though without the growling. It does indeed not matter in this context, because the album has much substance and heavy vibrations anyway.

But this album without a doubt, nevertheless, to challenge your feelings and preferences. At first through listening, I sat with the feeling that it was a very special album, but I fucking like it! Opeth is starting to make the music, they themselves will, and the desire and the workflow has changed in relation to some of their earlier albums. Mikael Ã…kerfeldt (guitar, vocals) has stated in an interview that he started to write the lyrics before instrumentsporene is made, and it has given him a completely different ro in the studio. This album has without a doubt called for peace, and it also requires something of you. But if you turn down the expectations in relation to Ghost Reveries, then you stand to a progressive experience of the greats.

The dark and melancholy

The mood on this album are set from the start with a calm and idyllic guitarstykke with a seductive female voice-over. It gives you the perfect approach to what you can expect from this album. You are at least prepared before it goes over in the first track, "Sorceress", which has been available for a while. It is a typical Opeth number with a heavy guitar and hefty bass line, followed by jim's masterful vocals. The rest of the album is an excellent example of the fact that the band never repeats itself, even though the whole thing reeks of Opeth.

One number that really stands out as being absolutely fantastic, is the track "The Wild Flowers". It is the first number, which was written for this album and embodies everything the Band stands for. It is dynamic, heavy and with great lyricism. It is prog in its very best form, and with a more modern approach to the vocals than on the previous albums. There is also space for a flashy guitar solo, before the track ends with a fast paced blast.

There is also room for nostalgia with the song "Will O The Wisp", which is a classic acoustic number that gives one the vibes from Blackwater Park. There will, however, quickly put the distortion on the guitar again at the other numbers, but there are constantly adorned with classic elements such as for example the piano, which are extensively used in different formats; the track "Era" has an incredibly catchy tangentstykke in the beginning and the end. It gives me the whole time ties to the old Hannibal Lecter movies of the one or other strange reason, but it is certainly not the experience worse. It also tells a little about the dark undertones, as the soundscape creates. After the quiet intro breaks the dog out in the light of a flame of fire in a high pace at all the parameters.

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