Soul Deception - Masquerade

Deadly thrash debut from the it covers

From the right comes a, for me, completely blank swiss band and, if not blowing me away, so that gives me at least a bold surprise. The band Masquerade consists of members from the bands Corruption and the Taste of Tears – not that it did me much wiser, since I don't know a single one of the bands, the biography mentions. So: I was completely on the bar bottom, since I put the time in Soul Deception, as debutskiven been baptized. From the start it quickly becomes clear that the Masquerade is in no way a band that is going to challenge the conventions about how the death/thrash should sound. Running on a mix of heavy and fast riffs, which is actually pretty catchy sometimes, and a rasping vocal, which belongs to the!

Much of Sweden, a little US and a little bit themselves

As written above, there is not much originality to track in the udgydelserne on the dial here, but less can also do it if just the material keeps. And it makes it here on the Soul's Deception, for there is work to be done with catchy melodies, catchy vokallinjer and perfectly unspotted musical ability. I can hear a lot of melodic svenskerdød, and especially one band presses on, when I hear the Masquerade. It is good old Swedish (A Canorous Quintet. Masquerades music sounds a little toward the swedes, and especially the vocals looking mind against ACQ. This is just a big plus in my book, since it is precisely this kind of vocals just me! In addition, there is also a part of US-death to find, but more in the progressive end (a la Death, and together with the Swedish inspirations gives it a cool, varied sound.

So... all in all

Are your musical preferences toward what is described above, there is only one thing to do! Forward with muldvarpeskindet, and let there be Masquerade on your next purchase, it's a really good album, they have released. The only serious drawback of the release is that the cover is 100 % miserable! I can not understand that you will have a product out with a cover that is so amateurish done... Fortunately, this means nothing for the music, but it's a plate, I certainly had never bothered to check out rated on the cover!

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