Soul Shifter - Vinnie Moore

Ripe guitarhelt seeking wider audience

The numbers on the Soul Shifter is put really well together, and there is not a finger to put on vinnie's bet on the spade; he is still an almost otherworldly talented musician. However, I could personally well miss some long and scary teknikdemonstrationer in the style of what he has done in the past; for there is, unfortunately, no magnificent, complex, and neoclassical masterpieces in the style of "Race With Destiny" to find on this plate. This Cd is very lyttervenlig and catchy, but it's probably still mostly dedicated guitarists, who can get a kick out of this type of instrumental music. Nevertheless, I would recommend everyone to check it out.

Who is Vinnie?

Vinnie Moore is probably not a name most people know. He is most known in the guitarkredse, and it is with good reason, for he is indeed one of the best guitarists ever. Vinnie was on the first wave of guitarhelte from the "Shrapnel Records" in the 1980s, along with other virtuosos, such as Tony Macalpine, Paul Gilbert and Jason Becker. Vinnie has released a series of instrumental albums and instructional videos, where there has been demonstrated awe-inspiring technique and musicality. He has also played with, among others, Alice Cooper and UFO, and so every now and then he releases an instrumental album, Soul Shifter is the newest shoots on the trunk.

Charm, confidence, and Satriani-esque shred

Soul Shifter sounds significantly different than the albums that Vinnie released early in his career. The first two solo albums Minds Eye and Time Odyssey was classically inspired and contained massive amounts of guitar acrobatics. Vinnie has gradually changed its style and gone from a neoclassical blærerøvsstil for a more laid-back, and rocket term that reminds very much about Joe Satrianis a little more commercial guitarorienterede music. Be preserved, there will be shame still shreddet through every now and then, but vinnie's guitar playing is, in general, less "flashy" and ekvilibristisk compared with his previous performance. All the music on Soul Shifter is melodic, well written and easy to walk to. Mr Moore can still get the guitar to scream and sing; and there is no doubt that it remains the virtuoso guitar playing that is in focus. The songs alternate between melodic Satriani-esque ballads such as "Soul Rider", and more blues and funk-inspired hard rock numbers such as "Kung Fu Grab"; it's all really cool, but at the same time something completely different than vinnie's previous albums.

With on this release is, among others, Michael Bean on bass, who also played on vinnie's Time Odyssey, as well as Dream Theater's Jordan Ruddess, appearing on a single number, and indeed also played keyboards on the same plate. It is cool to hear them play together again, when you are old fan, and one must say, to all the musicians on the record delivers the goods.

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