Spiritual Instinct - Alcest

Très Bien

Neige has described the writing process as a katarsisk experience – he felt that the band needed a purification in order to be able to grow, grow, and develop. I will not be able to say what that has done, that he has felt this – but if the Spiritual Instinct is the result of this purification, then he must have been right. The music is beautiful, almost so beautiful that you sometimes have to fight to keep a tear back. I acknowledge that blackgaze and postmetal both are nichegenrer and certainly not music that is designed to huge festivals, where all meet to socialize and drink beer. Alcest is further created for the small, seedy parisian kældercaféer, where there has previously been debatklubber, who have discussed Hugo or Foucault. Places where you will be nedstirret by a servant wearing the turtleneck, and moustache, if you so much as formaster you to order a draft beer. But if you find the kind of immensely charming and appealing, then you will probably understand that the Spiritual Instinct is a marvelous work. And if not, then I am sure that there is an Old Irish Pub with Volbeat on the jukebox down the street. I choose, however, to give the album nine skulls and not ten – inspired by the French poet and symbolist Paul Valery, who wrote the following about perfection: "For those who love perfection – is a work never completed".

The alarm window rouge

Dear reader, I feel I have to start this review with a warning. This review may seem, as if it was ripped out of Its kultursegment, and if you don't consider yourself as an easier snobby type who believes that all meals should be washed down with a glass of beaujolais, or to monoklen should make a comeback – yes, so it may be that you will think that this write is a game of pretentious hogwash. But now you're warned, so all the reading from this point on is at your own risk.

Ce n'est pas une critique

If you are into blackgaze or post-black, then you are familiar with the French Alcest, who virtually created the genre back in the beginning of the new millennium. The band must be seen and understood as the result of the visions and dreams of the perfect dreamland, as frontman Neige had as a child – a vision that has guided him throughout his musical career, but who really was allowed to flourish, when he started Alcest back in '99. Ergo, you have to understand that what one hears is a man's vision and understanding of the incomprehensible, which is almost like a Voltaire quote in itself.

Neige himself has said, that the Spiritual Instinct is to be seen as a semi-autobiographical work. This he believes is reflected in the album's cover, which shows the mythological sphinx. A creature that combines man and beast, and whose sole purpose is to ask the question, and thus force man to think instead of famle in the blind. He claims that he is the sphinx, then, is the creature who does not fit in with either humans or beasts – a creature who always stand on the sidelines and wonder why. This is also reflected clearly in the music, constantly switching between classic black metal and so the more woven, dreamy and often synthesizerdrevne sound. But this is also a perfect analogy for just blackgaze, a genre in which It believes itself also never have fitted in some places, and therefore is both man and beast.

The album starts with the track "Les Jardin De Minuit" (a reference to the book Tom's Midnight Garden 1958), a completely perfect example of what Alcest is actually a size – guitarriffet, which begins ca. two minutes inside, is pure hjernemassage. Away slips the album into the lead single "Protection", which is a completely amazing track that again combines the dark and light in a beautiful waltz. Away running the album into the more soft and woven numbers as example, but then "Sapphire", with its repetitive rhythm and mumbling vocal packs itself around one like a soft, warm blanket spun from the softest cashmere. Ergo is the Spiritual Instinct as a velmodnet port salut cheese, which first hits one with his, immediate hard crust, but quickly slide into an easy, creamy and velvety decadence.

If you thought that Alcest had topped with Kodama, then took one mistake. For even though the album was completely amazing, so it still managed to peak at it – how impressive/impossible it may sound. I take my beret of Alcest and raise a glass to their general direction!

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