Steeple And Spire - Black Book Lodge

Set the dial on and close the world out

Steeple and Spire is a good, solid album that embraces broad, but it also means that it sometimes becomes a little bit flat in expression and, at times, very monotonous and slightly elongated, which is really too bad! I will put the disc in and close the world out, and so we meet just in the morning, I am pleased to see more for Black Book Lodge.



Progressive rock with massive roots

Steeple and Spire is the third album from the Danish band Black Book Lodge, not to be confused with the Swedish studio Black Lodge Records. Even though the band is hard to genrebedømme, is the dial a very airy, light progressive albums, that seems to have inspirations and roots in the psychedelic stonerrockbands from the 70's.

Instead of starting at the beginning, I will start by the title track "Steeple and Spire", a six minute long number that is floating and mystical, a bit like a svævetur through the cosmos. It starts with an over one minute long instrumental piece, which is interrupted by a fragile vocal, going drums and guitar, which starts to follow the vokalens melody, however, slowly going over in a fingerspil. It is clear to hear that these are some talented musicians, who have been at the game. The whole song becomes more sinister through posters and ends with the bride on the oxygen mask and an intense open ending.

Both the lyrical and instrumental work throughout the album, light and floating, but also well thought out and controlled on a organismeagtig way. The album appears as a whole, maybe even a bit like a concept album, but without being stiff and with a huge openness.


Lytbar and with good production

It is difficult to write about the Steeple and Spire is that many of the songs have the same feel and similar sound, in the same way as the trees have similar leaves, and that the album at the same time is really well produced and has an openness that makes the dial extremely lytbar for fans of all genres, even if they don't care for the darker and heavier music. The album also has a hint of nostalgia, which may be associated with many of the older big boys like for example Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd and newer big boys as Muse.

In order to take hold of production as is the short, really good. Of course, this sounds the album fedest in a nice headset or over an expensive speaker, but even in one of Apple's incredibly bad telefonheadsets sounds the album is still really, really fat. The mix is made by Jakob Gundel, who also beats on the drums on the disc, and Ronny Jønsson, who sings, and it really felt that the mix is made by some, who themselves have worked through the material and want it to be as close to perfect as it can get.


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