Storm the Gates - Venom

Two Venom or not to Venom....

You can on his show well keep Storm the Gates up against Avé, as Venom Inc. made back in 2017. Both sounds like Venom, as both bands are Venom. Personally I would say that Avé has a better record with better production and a better singer, but it is to be "better" than some other goes almost against the essence of Venom (drink bajere, yell about Satan, etc). You can disable, to Cronos so was not the musical genius behind the band, but even though Demolition Man is a much better singer, so it feels just wrong without Cronos' strange, barking bøvehoved-vocals. No, Storm the Gates is not a masterpiece, and no it's not the best Venom slice. But it IS Venom, then she is ready to make up with itself, if it is good enough or not.

Satan and Bikerlæder

Venom! The band all metalheads know, on the basis of their legendary second album: Black Metal. The vast majority know it's probably because of all that, as some norwegians created from the album title, but it is a little like Diamond Head, which was well-known because of Metallica. But the is still here, the original satan-rockers. Admittedly, the band's only original member Cronos, since the other two now are busy with their band Venom Inc. instead. Venom has never been a technical band, it has never been a feinschmeckerband, and it never will be. However, this is a band that has definitely won and the vast majority of bands that appeared in the 80'ies and 90'ies will mention Venom as a source of inspiration, whether it is in relation to style, theme, or S&M bikerlæder. But just because you have achieved legend status, so it does not, after all, that everything you touch turns to gold. So the question is, of course, about the Storm the Gates manages to be anything other than yet another title in a long discography or on the album actually has some grains of gold.


First, you are exposed to on Storm the Gates, is a very special production. If the album was released in the mid 90's, where everything had to sound muddy and basdomineret, then it would have made more sense. One must of course remember that the Cronos – in addition to being release – bassist and his bulldozer-bass is a part of his style. But when it does not contribute with anything else than the sound of a happy toddler, who jumps in puddles, so ought to you might have mixed the album differently.

The next, you become aware of is that Venom is still Venom. In the sense that they are still not a technical skillfully feinschmeckerband – maintained, if this had been the case, I was genuinely also been astonished. They are still some angry bisser from Newcastle, who will drink bajere, rant about Satan and maybe romp around in a barslagsmål or two afterwards. The best example of this is the track "Dark Night (Of the Soul)", where you will be pampered with this poetic sentence: "Hey you motherfucker, what you looking at? Born fucking loser, acting like a twat. Looking like a loser, gonna bust your nose!".

Venom proves, once again, that they play røvballe-punk with a bit of Satan and evil. It has always done and will always do – for that is what they can and can not teach an old dog new tricks. The sounds, in other words, exactly as they should, and behave exactly as they should. It is still like to hear the Sex Pistols interpret Anton La Vey.

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