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Straight from the Barrio - Upon A Burning Body

Straight From The Barrio

Therefore, the scores Upon A Burning Body high, when skalperes skulls. Straight From The Barrio get 8 heads on the road to a plate that is both innovative and stylish and at the same time can provide the kranieknusende, uncompromising deathcore-breakdownrytmer, as the band has scored his past success.

Deathcore band in suits

The stage is ready. The mandatory banner with the name, Upon A Burning Body, adorn the background, and two oksekranier hangs in the best DAD-style in each side of the ordinary. Check for pending instruments will enter five young men in suits, and considering a few seconds, whether you have fejllæst the ticket to a classical concert. Suddenly breaks the band out in kranierystende "" -chugs, and the circlepits pushing the audience towards the edge. Deathcore-the world of the cosmos is restored. Now, throw the Upon A Burning Body, however, their fine clothes and draw in long T-shirts and gold chains on the new album, Straight From The Barrio.

Sombrero and street credit

The classic deathcore stays on the Straight From The Barrio spiced with a Latin american touch. The band has found their own, unique approach to a genre that can easily become too monotonous. With Spanish guitar, latino-English slang-text and exotic rhythm instruments seduces the band, the listener and creates a perfect contrast to the always rock-solid breakdownrytmer. On the songs "'Til The Break Of Dawn" and "Already Broken" comes the contrast most clearly expressed, as they latinokulturelle instruments here get the whole hookstykker for themselves. Spanish slang, there are also enough of, and the foreign language damage is not holding the attitude. This can lead singer Danny Leal take the credit for. His switching between Spanish and English works completely liquid. Added all slangudtrykkene will be the mood as taken out of a gangster movie.

There is, however, a side effect of the Upon A Burning Bodys departure. The band is suffering some of the numbers of 'Atilla-effect' – to holding the attitude is so much in focus that the substance disappears, and it just gets platitudes and partymusik. The text on f.ex. "B. M. F.", you need to not waste his or her time to analyze for an opinion. In return you get a delicious overgangsstykke between the song's verse and chorus with a stemningssættende leadguitar. With the convincing style of the rest of the album, one can forgive the places where it goes a little too much 'bad boy 'till the day I die" (B. M. F.) in the.

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