Super Human - Siamese


You can take pleasure in a hybrid of the highly digestible, radio friendly pop and metalcore, will seem really good on the Super Human. The album is not quite on a par with the previous album Shameless, since it misses some more and slightly longer tracks with a bit more complexity. Nine tracks in 31 minutes is in the slightly stingy the end, and when the variation at the same time is not very big, it is as if something is missing. However, the plate numbers, which draws the general appearance of a cultivated nyk-up and without hesitation recommended a listen or two from here.

More immersive metalpop

Shameless - the sequel

Danish Siamese, who once went under the name of Siamese Fighting Fish, is now the current album, Super Human. The predecessor Shameless brought the band far and wide in the world, especially the united kingdom and Japan, and it understands you well, since the album was packed with good well produced tracks in the band's own unique style.
It is extremely exciting cross-over of pop and metalcore works as a bullet-proof recipe, and Super Human continues where Shameless left off. Not quite at the same high level, but almost.

Cheeky fusion

First and foremost, we must have in place, that the Siamese is certainly not for everyone. Take the hard-hitting and extremely really well-played guitar out of the sound stage and maybe also shut down a little for the drums, here would be talking about pure pop. Be preserved, the pop of the catchy and cozy kind of, as your girlfriend goes and hums, when she washes up, but popped enough that the majority of self-proclaimed metalhoveder would reject it with disgust in a heartbeat. So, in short: you can Either like it or certainly not.
But whatever the case is, then that is Super Human in this found in the latter's ears exactly like its predecessor – a quite interesting and successful album of a part of catchy numbers. The r'n'b-heavy metalcore works flawlessly on albumåbneren "B. A. N. A. N. A. S.", with its insanely cool riff and catchy chorus with lengths is the best cutting. Led Zeppelin-hyldesten "Unified" is certainly not crazy, and when you can incorporate the riff from "Kashmir" in a metalcore-popnummer on the way, attests to the formidable musical overview and ingenuity. It is damn approved!

Besides the catchy songs are fronting the Mirza is also not a factor, we get around it. He sings awesome, no matter if he moves around in the hard or the more emotive. His register is impressive, as well as his mixture of the aforementioned styles, and dropping one day he (pop)metallen, he could guarantee to get a career in the field of poppens world.

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