Talviyö - Sonata Arctica

Dear Santa Claus

When I was in its time declared "The Ninth Hour", I ended the notification of that desire me, that they would not repeat themselves. Should there be a danskkyndig the person in charge of the Nuclear Blast, as a reader here, I would like to strongly emphasize that it is definitely not, it was here, I expressed would be the compensation. It is simply not enough to serve an idea hidden behind a production so low as this. This is not even necessarily Sonata Arcticas fault though, but one must assume that they themselves have had to say good for it. What a waste of music.

The idea was at least good


The story continues, unfortunately

Good old Sonata Arctica. A band of the greats within the power metalgenren, which has managed to break through and create a living out of the grandiose and epic sound, all while the hard edge is retained tenaciously, so the border for all the "evil" subgenrer of metal almost exceeded. These words I wish, I could continue to use about Sonata Arctica. Unfortunately, it is just not the case.

Rethinking and indifference

I will start by saying that the songs are not bad at Talviyö as such. There is arguably thought good and hard about them, and even if one's thoughts are led farther to the melodi grand prix, as for example with the song Cold, then there is a sense of something that may remind you of Sonata Arcticas heyday. However, the production of the entire disc is simply a laughing stock. The first is guitarist Elias Viljanens guitar sound completely callous and flat. Also is the sometimes completely turned all the way down in the mix. Generally, it seems to have saved mixingen of the plate away, for it makes no sense, how someone has listened to Talviyö, and thought, "This sounds exactly as it should". For indeed it does not. The intro to the track Storm the Armada testify about this. There is a deafening acoustic guitar sound, a muddy vocals, and a flat distortet guitar. The witnesses, on this reviewer, more of laziness than the actual error in the mix. This gives rise to great frustration, for numrenes building and the idea is clear. And it would be an immeasurably better album, if that had been a competent producer and said, "thanks, but NO Thanks!" to the here touch.

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