The Art Of Loss - Redemption

Not geeky enough

Bands such as Dream Theater, Symphony X and Fates Warning must be said to be some of those belonging to the prog's superliga. Redemption has always, in my opinion, been just a level below, and unfortunately it might not be this time they write themselves into the progressive history books.

The dial is really bold enough, everything is just "standard prog" and the general just heard before. Many times before. And so it is also just twenty minutes too long. Therefore The Art of Loss, in spite of its error-free basis, a total of bland prog release that don't really impress or stand out in any way. Are you new in this genre and has a starting interest in it, will this disc be an excellent place to start, and then work out from, but us experienced geeks get simply not enough to geek out over in addition to the standard and a little boring nørderi.

If you beat prog metal up in an encyclopedia...

We are all nerds, and we are proud of that!

Any metalfan exposed, more often than what good is, for the endless rows of prejudice; you will Hear black metal of the burner you are probably churches of as a hobby while you are playing hide and seek in the Norwegian forests. Swear you to folk metal, grow you probably also role playing and is a mega fan of Tolkien. Such is attributed to many metalheads special character traits, habits, etc. - But if you are into progressive metal, then you're just a nerd...

In one way or another we are all geeks when it comes to the crunch, but what is it really prognørder geeks when they hear prog? Is it the technical details in the form of scales and modulations when firing a ten minutes long navlepillende guitar vs. keyboard battle? Is it the polyrhythmic escapades the drummer throws himself into, just because he can? Or is it the fortænkte and gennemtærskede fantasy-themed plates and has as the theme?

Magnificent and flawlessly - but boring

No matter what, so the u.s. progmetallere in Redemption released their sixth album - The Art of Loss - where everyone can participate, regardless of their preferred nerdy niche. It includes a little for every taste, is very easy to go to and very easily digested. But perhaps also too much.

In short, is The Art of Loss is an album that offers all the things a real prog-disc must; Here are good tunes, fine songs, with a recurring theme (hint: the disc's title...!), something hard, something soft, something slow, something fast and a couple of long tracks where the musicians can unfold, of course. The quality of the various elements is also extremely reasonable. Production and performance is in the top, and with guest stars as the former Megadeth guitarists Marty Friedman, Chris Broderick and Chris Poland, the level is obviously high. But there are just a few problems: Despite the fact that all the guns and tanks are driven into position, it feels still as if Redemption is firing blanks. The various intersections, as such, is cool enough - especially the "Damaged" with Marty Friedman's amazing solo - but as a whole, are the all-too-perfect and error-free prog too much and halfway into the disc begins the boredom to set in. And it is very much a bad time when there remain roughly 40 minutes, including a closing track on 22 minutes...!

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