The Atlantic - Evergrey

As the Danish autumn

Evergrey must, however, be commended for at least live up to their name, for The Atlantic is exactly as the Danish autumn weather: grey and sad – interrupted only by a few passages with the noise and bang to break the boredom. To Evergrey undeniable consists of incredibly talented musicians, it only makes even more frustrating. They should look themselves squarely in the mirror and consider whether they can't use all their many talents in a better way. There is nothing on The Atlantic, as the Danish Pyramaze is not doing much better, and it may even Jacob Hansen did not change.

Lots of pathos and great gestures

The Atlantic is the third and final part of the Swedish melo-proggere Evergreys epic 'Hymns For The Broken' trilogy. Guitarist and singer Tom S. Englund has stated that the project is about 'the relationship between lovers, about beauty and darkness, sorrow, hatred, love and everything that connects these feelings'. It is, according to Englund - 'life's journey over the big ocean', which is treated at The Atlantic. Great cases and for those who know Evergrey, it is hardly surprising that it happens with lots of pathos and great gestures.

Has the emperor no clothes?

It turns out, unfortunately, quickly, to scrunch it just a little in the grandiose veneer, so that one discovers how thin it is and how little substance there actually is underneath. But let us just take a little look at the music first. Evergrey is usually called a progressive metal band, but now it is quite difficult to hear, in which the progressive consists. Make no mistake, it is a bunch of superdygtige musicians, and they know their instruments. It is as if the swedes have decided to give it a little more gas than on their previous albums, so we'll both thrash/death riffs and even a little metalcore. Everything is carried out extremely professionally, but the problem is that all the good passages in the songs too often, sovset into the same boring melodies in both the verses and the chorus.

He plays a fat spade, but there is not more empathy in the Englunds fragile vocals than in an average teenagetøs' X-Factor audition. It will definitely not be better of the texts, which consist of the one tåkrummende cliche after another: 'long distance calls from my soul, were never answered' and 'recreate the created and a certain fate. Through the waters I've got to learn how to swim again'. What is the meaning of the nonsense at all?

The production sits to turn in the closet. Gracious and beautiful as you expect it of the genre, and it can Everygrey undoubtedly to thank Jacob Hansen for, as he once again has stood for the mix and mastering. However, in addition to their in spite of everything reasonably successful experiments in thrash - and metalcore-light, it is on the album, saying, all the time trying to capture the sound of Pink Floyd from their 80's period. First, it is quite doubtful whether it is worth striving for, and secondly succeed, in no way.

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