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The Celestial Dictator - Impalers

Thrash 'em all!

If you do not know Impalers or haven't heard metal since the start-the'80s – at the time that denimvesten still fit, and you could never dream of becoming a chartered accountant or run in a grey Fiat Panda – so will The Celestial Dictator you get to feel his again. Impalers will make you want to tear off your tie and forget to download your two kids from SFO – they still have so many bogstavsdiagnoser, that they would not discover, whether you came or not – right now there is only one thing that applies, and it is 100 % pure THRASH!

It here has been a wonderful year for Danish metal. That shoots plates and bands above all, as mushrooms after a downpour. It is as if the Danish metalungdom struggling to make Denmark just as relevant on the metalscenen as our neighbours, and big applause for it. It was damn also time that we became known for other than Lars Ulrich, King Diamond and Volbeat... as long As they fail to burn a church or poke each other down. Everything in moderation, boys!

Scream Bloody Cover

Impalers play old school thrash without any frills, and it's going strong! For heaven's sake! There will be planed off on all the strings and keys. In fact, it goes almost a little too quickly, and perhaps this is the time during from the classic thrash. For I think damn, that is missing one or the other, which makes The Celestial Dictator stands out from so many other thrash-slices. The same applies to little Soren Crawaks vocals that simply do not do anything for me at all. He switches between a raucous vocals, which most of all reminds of something one might find on the first dødsmetalalbum, such as Scream Bloody Gore or Altars of Madness, and a more soft and clean vocals like on the track "Into the Doom". Here sounds Søren little as one that masquerades Joey Belladonna, which is of course really provides a nice contrast and shows a very nice diversity, but again are not the big emotions in me. Not, and so anyway! Introskriget from the "Color Me White" is, however, impressive, and Tom Araya would wish that he could bånde it and cut it into Slayers mix, so he got to imitate the intro to "Angel of Death".


It's not you; it's me!

The Celestial Dictator is an excellent disc. It is well-produced, the lyrics sitting right in the cupboard and matches perfectly fine the classic "fuck the system"attitude, which belongs to classical-thrash. Anyway it all becomes quite monotonous and predictable. It helps, however, that there are tracks such as "Into the Doom" and "Believe" to create a little respite and give one a chance to breathe after being plowed down by the aarhus thrasher-freight, as The Celestial Dictator is. So boys, if you read it here, In the damn don't take it so heavy. It is just me who is "too old" for true thrash. I'm not hardcore enough anymore; I have become strange to my old days.

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