The Cicada Tree - Byzantine

Technique for the house of confusion sake?

When you get stuck a plate
When I got this disc to review, I got to know that it was a thrash. But as a fan and know of the thrash metal genre I can, with peace of mind reveal, that this does not have so damn much with the thrash to make.
Yes, yes, there are elements of thrash to find, if you listen to it properly after, even looking for it and have a little good will.
Without putting these americans too much in the crib, I would say that it is a massive mix of progressive and traditional heavy metal laced with a good dose of groove.
It is not pivhamrende rings and without quality, but it catches me now anyway not true.

The fiddling without the right to advance
In The Cicada Tree , there is lots of variation – so much so, that often and often also gets a little too much. The numbers never really to sit, and it gets quickly to the variation for more variety. Like I'm not really into technique for technique's sake, it will be devastating to my enjoyment of the musical soundscape. One moment a lot of magnificent groove, the next closest acoustic sunset, and the next again more hard-hitting with something that reminds a bit of growl. The fiddling, and it confuses without really moving anywhere.
There is not a finger to put on the musical abilities, for that is really talking about talented musicians, that definitely does not lack the abilities to handle their instruments. The abilities just do not to get the music up a gear, where it rocks for real. It will stand a little at idle with the weird shifts and weird musical gejl, who simply lacks a red thread and in no way fall into my taste.

I'm probably just an old sour man!
I'm 666 % sure that there is enough to be a part fans of the Byzantine out there who will think that The Cicada Tree is piss fat, maybe even innovative, the coolest slice and all that, and think that I'm just a crotchety old man, it seems, everything sounded much better in the 80'ies and 90'ies.
I would certainly recommend that you check the disc out, for what that cuts into my ears, can easily be a pure orgasm in the others.

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