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The Concrete Confessional - Hatebreed

It must hurt

If The Divinity of Purpose was an album that was the target of where the band wanted to take it all on to, as is The Concrete Confessional sound of a more old school Hatebreed. All in all it's a nice album, they have provided us with, as with the warranty comes to to provide many bruises in the pit. However, if you enjoy this album, just as much as I do, then you like against the scrapes.

Jamey Jasta and the other thugs are back in the schoolyard, and that is the damage too in the air

The hard molded confessional

The time of reckoning has come, and we are now facing the hard core of Hatebreed once again. The group is notorious for being extremely aggressive and fandenivoldske. This is it, you just sit and pray... that they still are! The Hardcore veterans are out with their seventh album, skateboardet and the angry attitude is found, and now that fucking shared håndmadder out. But they have it still, or goes it them of good, that they can still be angry enough?

Back to the roots

It is clear from the first slap in the face to Hatebreed are angrier than they have been in a long time. "A. D" sets in motion the scramble with such ferocity, that the battles goes right through the parades, you have put up from their previous album. There are nådesløshed painted over this number with Jastas blodstørstige voice, and the aggressive, thrash-like riffs. You when barely enough to get patched up your wounds, before "Looking Down the Barrel of Today" and "Seven Enemies" really puts the death knell into. Even though it hurts all the places on your body, so it is great to notice that Hatebreed is back in kampform and again can put the notes into a violent moshpit. The hardboiled riffs and brutal drums have not sounded better since the Supremacy. You'll just want to toss the fists in the air and rant on the 'No rest, no sleep!'.

They are really gone back to the roots with this album and with a track like "Something's Off", you can feel the gangbangers in the wings, who stands and swings their bat. The here the thrash/punk sound that they have delivered so well before, is back – composed with heavy and fast riffs. Even though the recipe is very simple, namely aggressive and nådesløshed, so there is still plenty of diversity and diversion on this album. "The Apex Within" provides references to the 90's the hardcore/punk and the old veterans in Suicidal Tendencies. The best part of it all is that you really believe in the whole, as it seems sincere and not forced, as it has done.

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