The Disconnect - Heart Of A Coward

The connection was interrupted

This is not a plate, that would in any way offend anyone. It is the same form as the last; if you know the band, you can recognize them with the same. Know you not the band, will not be able to tell the difference between them and all the other melocorebands out there. It is in no way The Disconnect, which gets me back to the corefolden, but I take my hat off for a lead singer that does not try to fake them, who went before him, but instead chooses to tread its own paths. I will not throw filth on neither the technique or abilities, but it just feels no matter. Are you a fan of the band and loren at the changes, then I can reassure you that the only thing new you will get here is the sound of the voice. The rest is, as it always has been, albeit more anonymously.

Kujonerne is back

Heart of a Coward are back with a new album after four-year hiatus and a change in their line up. It is always exciting when you are a fan of a band if the new singer can live up to the expectations, you now may feel deep in his cowardly heart, or whether it is essential for one's continued devotion. If you don't know the band very well, it is, therefore, solely a question of whether you prefer one or the other from an objective point of view. And after having listened and compared, I must say, that even though the new man behind the microphone, Kaan Tasan, do not stand back of its predecessor, so is the difference still noticeable in execution and variation.


My first impression is that the whole plate is pretty homogeneous. There is nothing that sticks out violently, and should I keep The Disconnect up against the Deliverance from 2015, so there is not much new to download. Good enough to open the "Drown in the Ruin" with a few nysmurte håndmadder fresh from the corefadet, but we must not longer than to the third number of the "Collapse", before it all begins to smell of it later Bring Me The Horizon. This is largely due to the clean vocals that come for the day here. In several places Tasan been compared with the former lead singer, and I can argue both for and against, on his bright vocals are more appropriate for the band's other expression. However, it is subordinate, for personally I think, that he promises the task. His singing voice is convincing and powerful without being intrusive, and he has the necessary clout to not to drown in the many technical riffs and the generally highly-charged energy that permeates this their fourth album.

But already at the fourth number out of ten – on a disc that lasts a modest 37 minutes – I begin to bore me. Despite a good vocal, which offers both false chord song, mixed with classic core and music, which are adapted to the frontman, it becomes incredibly monotonous. I can no longer distinguish the numbers from each other, though you may feel that they really make an effort not to alienate their faithful fans. The Disconnect is generic and paints a boring picture of melocore as teeth chugging – however, with a manic octopus on the drums.

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