The Duke - Jorn

A beautiful tribute

The band's intention with "The Duke" has been to put the focus on leukemia as well as pay tribute to Wayne Ford's unique outlook, which he kept, though he stood face to face with the man with the scythe. A great gesture from the band and an equally beautiful text by Randy Blythe. It must sound a big applause too! Looking, however, solely on the musical, as I have said, a number that, with a little unoriginal hard-rocket and thus atypical style of Lamb of god, "just" is quite excellent. Other cutting "Culling" is also a listen worth, and despite three indifferent livenumre the scores of the boys from the Richmond seven skulls. And came then with the Danish concert, In have due in relation to us in nearly a year...!


The lamb of god focuses on leukemia and pays tribute to deceased friend on the new EP


No time to waste

Us Lamb of god, and in particular frontman Randy Blythe, is not on the let side. Since last year's sovereign langspiller, VII - Sturm und Drang, they have toured the globe thin and has not yet held any significant breaks. One must strike while the iron is hot. Make sure to keep the momentum. This trying the band with a quite excellent EP, The Duke.

Different in a good way

Over several years, developed Randy Blythe and the rest of the LoG a close friendship with a fan, Wayne Ford, who had long been ill of leukemia. His outlook on life, and, not least, the confrontation with his impending death, inspired the band to write the EP's title track as a tribute to Ford, when he died at the age of only 33 years old in 2015. The number was during the filming of VII - Sturm und Drang, but it was quickly decided that it stylistically did not fit with the rest of the album. The song's message would be stronger if it was released separately at a later time.
To "The Duke" does not fit on the VII - Sturm und Drang , I would without hesitation give the band the right in. For "The Duke" is pretty much a non-traditional LoG-number. It is in no way bad, but at such a sublime album as VII - Sturm und Drang had been a significant ørebæ. The usual aggressive style is put on the shelf in favor of a more rock expression, and the Blythes usual werewolves-the hiss is replaced by a completely clean vocals. It is easily digested, very engaging and catchy. All in all pretty fat. But a classic LoG-composition it is not, which perhaps will surprise negatively in some.
It is the second cutting, "the Culling", however. Here is the Lamb of god, as we know them, in his usual aggressive style, where in particular the trommespillet from the phenomenal Chris Adler not to overhear. On guitarsiden we will also have little goodies from Will Adler and Mark Morton, and even if the number does not exactly go over in the metal-history, it is definitely a listen worth it for all the fans.

In addition to these two new intersections feature on the EP at three livenumre. The case of "Still Echoes", the formidable number "512" and "Engage" the Fear Machine", which is recorded on a few of the summer's big festivals. I, the undersigned, a writer has the habit to think livenumre and covers usually are relatively unattractive, and it is also the case here. Listen to the originals instead; they are much fatter. Livenumre on an EP is often no matter fill. And even the otherwise so great number "512" pretty slattent delivered. Practice!

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