The Dystopian - Afgrund

You might have been there...

There is, as I said, the end of the six years since the band's last release, and therefore certain expectations on whether this album will be a disappointment or worth the wait. There is certainly no doubt that the band manages to deliver a pure angrily and testosteronfyldt album, which greatly river the listener with! That said, it should perhaps be mentioned that the album slightly lacks the catchy riffs, which makes you also can remember what it is, you have listened to, after the record is over. Although Grindcore and Death metal elements is exciting, I would now still say that it is the more punk songs, that works best. The plate had perhaps been a bit stronger if they had kept themselves a little more to them, as songs such as "the Royalty of the Crust", for example, is a super cool punket number. I'm kind of left with the feeling that Abyss probably the most is a band that must be experienced live due to their high energy, and this plate has also convinced me that they should be seen the next time they are in the country. So it is not completely crazy.


Abyss of the underground

Abyss has since their start back in 2006 has emerged as one of the Swedish Hardcore - subway more productive bands. Besides a handful of demos and an EP, the band has also thrown three studio albums out. Svarte Dagar, (2007) Vid Helvetets Grindar (2009) and The Age of Dumb (2012). Despite this relatively solid amount of releases has, however, not heard much from them in the last few years. Fans of the band, therefore probably looked forward to the release of The Dystopian, which is out now.

Dystopia of Sweden

The Dystopian is also a hugely significant title for this album. It is angry and furious and is the sound of a band that definitely does not look happy in the world they are in, and which has a lot of heart. The album puts the hard out with the song "Limited Source of Power", which is almost a year and a half minute show of blastbeats and dobbeltpedalsarbejde. At times it is interrupted by a slower breakdown-like game. It goes quite heavily on the album's first song, which kicks the plate started. The band describes itself as being a mixture of Grindcore, Punk and Death Metal. All elements are generally present, and actually creates a reasonably interesting mix, which at the same time manages not to sound to searched. The previously mentioned blastbeats and the singer's more raw vocals are good examples of Death Metal/Grindcore elements. The album's uncommon short songs (some of them lasting less than a minute) are also good examples of Grindcore and punk rock band. But what in the highest degree gives this plate its punk sound, it's aggressive, however, economic guitar playing, as well as the anger and political texts.

Personally, I would think that the album works best in the places where punk rock band, take up the most. This has to be the songs that are in the slightly lower pace. This is not to say that the songs goes quiet, there is still a lot of energy and shatter. Here I would like to highlight the song "Callous" as being a good example. The song begins with a sinister guitar riff that plays on the individual, but the discordant chords. This riff is also a fine background for the first verse, before we are led into a more aggressive chorus. The song is amazingly enough one of the longest, the plate has to offer, despite the fact that it only lasts 2.58 minutes!

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