The Empire - Vader

The award goes to...

Now I have mentioned a lot of positive things, because the album in its entirety is a really good and well-produced disc. Fans of Vader will not be disappointed, but it is the thirteenth studio album by the ageing of the death/thrash band, and there's damn not much has happened. It works as said, and do what it should, but no more than that. My biggest problem is that the coolest number on The Empire, in my opinion, is the "Prayer to the god of War". The we've like already got in the form of the aforementioned EP. It is, after all, still a tremendously fat number, and there are also plenty of heavy cases to go with. If you are new to Vader, so it is a good album to start with; then you have a good idea of how it bears along. Are you a fan of Vader, you will be happy for this album, especially if you liked what you heard at the Iron Times. The Empire will have seven skulls for a really good album, but it was not impresses.

The Polish death metal-the empire grows

The empire strikes back

The Polish death giants in Vader is out with their thirteenth studio album and increases, consequently, their, in advance, mighty metalempire. The album features ten tracks, spread on a little over half an hour and contains everything that fans love about Vader, but there is not much renewal to download, so if you haven't found the Storyline interesting before, you are doing so probably not now. You have no knowledge of Vader, so get started! Are you a fan of Vader, are you happy for this album, for there will be really beaten through, especially on the drums, get with a loving hand of James Stewart, who has been a real man since 2011.

As mentioned, there is not much new under the sun, but why change something that works, because it makes it damn far along the way! There is death and destruction for all the money, with a good blend of death and thrash and, of course, an inhuman part growl from Piotr Wiwczarek.

Join the dark side

The Empire starts with full force in the form of the song "Angels Of Steel", which is a fast-paced, technical inferno of destruction. So it's established that there is a stone on, and it continues at the same pace in the following number "the Tempest". What really stands out on the numbers, and as such also on the rest of the album is the drums. It is really impressive what James can behind such a set of barrels - which is damned hard stone.

It all becomes thrashet something up on the track "Prayer to the god of War", as we have already been served on the EP Iron Times. We noted already at the time that it was a nice number for it is it's damned hard. There are no frills, and the brutal thrash-locomotive tonser off in a cloud of anger and brutality. We like. It can we REALLY like! It goes, thankfully, for the most part really strong on this album, and as mentioned before, is trommespillet eminent. There is, however, no cigar, before we again have mentioned Piotrs, or Peter as he calls himself, wild vocals. It is raucous and violent, and one can almost suspect that there are things that go up in smoke, every time he opens his mouth. The vocals are sitting well to the brand right in the eye.
Of course we must not forget to mention to the guitar and especially the bass really shiner on some of the numbers. They complement each other really well, and mixing in thrash - and death-the genre into a vicious and toxic cocktail.

It is really an album that pleaser for all the cool metalklichéer, for example, with the song "The Army-Geddon", which is just a metalnummer completely to the bone, and especially the lyrics are magnificent.

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