The Evil Divide - Death Angel

A bold thrash-album – with a little fusion

The Evil Divide is a bold album. Not only do they dare to dwell on the individual instruments in their simplicity, so out they also look great on all genre conventions. So if you want a completely klassisklydende thrash album, so it's not The Evil Divide, one must buy. But if you're fresh on the little melodic and punket råbekor, that almost sounds like something from the New York hardcore scene; something as rare as a thrashet as world war ii ended (or sjælet thrasher) with lots of feeling and a chorus that has just as much pathos as the film Moulin Rouge; a jazzy bass mixed with the 90's-epic-Slash-like-guitar solo; AND of course, the absolutely classic 80's Bay Area-thrasher, so this album is a definite 9/10.

Several times in the course of the first through listening I asked myself: "Must be good, when you are a thrash band from California?", and the answer here can only be a loud and clear: "YES – and it is cool that they dare to!"

The californian thrash band, Death Angel, at their 8. studio album focus on the cool thing in it is simple – without too much stuffing, ornaments, frills and without hanging themselves in the traditional genres-understandings

Little brother strikes back

The story is told many times before. A band played thrash-metal in the'80s, like so many others. Due to the artistic mess and/or internal personal strife disappears band in the 90's, for the rising post-millennium, is now playing a revitalized thrash. The demand for re increases, and musicians find that are the most joy (and sales) to play it. We have heard the story told many times before. And we must hear it many times yet. This time we shall hear the Death Angel – the Bay Area-the scene's eternal little brother.

Death Angel has been with since the start of the Bay Area-thrashens birth and has been an ever-opening for "all of the great". The first two (and really good) albums, The Ultra-Violence and Frolic Through the Park, was the classic Bay Area thrash. On their third album, Act III, they found their own sound in the sphere between punket thrash with råbekor and catchy hooks and melody. The development has since then been allowed to continue, which means that the Death Angel is far from just another generic thrash band, but a band who play really good thrash – and so much more.

Less is more

The album is recorded at Audio Hammer Studios in Florida, where the previous two albums, Relentless Retribution and The Dream Calls For Blood, is also recorded. And it is also a study, which works very well for them. Here, they will be allowed to play their own interpretation of thrash, recorded in decent conditions with good sound and good production. In the course of a through listening of the album I conclude that one moment, that it is an exceptionally good bass sound, the next moment I want to highlight the guitar, the drums or the vocals. The only natural conclusion to this, it must be that the Death Angel has made an incredibly great-sounding album, and the levels are just as they should be.

The musical performance is also in the top. The band shows specifically to a boldness in their compositions: They are not afraid to let the instruments sounds and fill. Once in a while it is really awesome to give place to a simple trommerytme or a single bass riff, as the f.ex. do in the opener, "The Moth", ...before the blowing of the place at a breakneck guitar solo.

The dynamics of the music being created in a different way than the other bands very often used the alternation between the acoustic guitar and the cutter-piece. This creates the variation by making more beats with pause and focus on the individual instruments. It is an approach to musikskrivning, confirming that some times is a hard riff just fat, that it need not be polyrytmisk progressive conservatory-metal, and sometimes it's true that "less is more".

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