The Face Of Fear - Artillery

The year's best thrash disc

I was so bold to nominate Darkness-disc First Class and Violence to this year's thrashskive, but the Artillery comes devilishly close to matching or even exceed it?!? The post is not completely taken yet, but this disc is simply chock-full with quality that it's going to be big in the field of the best of the year, when the title shall be shared out! From the delicious, slightly old-fashioned production of the fat straight down the road-the drumming, the incredible catchy riffs and Michael's superb vocals, this is a first-class piece of thrashmetal. Even the "mandatory" heavy ballad, Pain sitting in the closet! Not much more to say than: For Satan, which is the fat it here!

Deep in the Thrash ... again!

I love and have always loved our Danish thrashstolthed: Artillery. From the time I was caught of thrash in the'80s and now, is it always a band that has gotten my attention. And now they are so back with the 3. the album sangerskiftet from Søren, Michael, and this time they take absolutely no prisoners, this is, ladies and gentlemen, Artillerys best album since By Inheritance! Something of a claim, all the while that the Artillery in my ears only supplied clean thrashgranater since the beginning with the Terror Squad in 1987. But with this disc it is as if they have just taken a deep breath, reviewed riffbiblen and taken the sharpest and best from the collection! In addition to riffene is unheard of sharp and catchy, so provides Michael Bastholm his best vocal performance, at the same time thrashsanger, he fraserer phenomenal, and so is he just a tad more "Flemmingsk" (Röndorf) in its most aggressive moments...

Riffs and ear-catching tunes from the top shelf

I love that the music is catchy, and like a good pop or rock song is the structure, too, something I appreciate when I listen to metal. And here in The Face Of Fear , the music is marked by just clarity, amazing riffs and sharp structures. I don't quite know what it is for a tea that is drunk in the rehearsal room with the band, but in any case, the gunpowder in the ass. You can almost feel how the fun of playing is central to the band That the numbers are cut with live situations in mind. Here is sparklingly fast, efficient riffs, which call for a good time fistbanging, and there are tons of mellemhurtige parties, which is cut for us older heads, preferably there will just be a little down in the back with our cold pins and let the younger to control the moshpitten. I will be simply happy, when I hear the here slice!

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