The Fall Of Hearts - Katatonia

Beautiful and sad

As with so much else that tastes just a little bit of doom, it requires a certain sensitivity of the mind to get the full benefits of Katatonia. It is savvy musicians, indisputable, but it is in a high degree the mood and the poetic vein which is left here, that draws in me. If you think the sun shines too much, so set it here and look forward to it being autumn again, where they play in the pump casing (crisis counseling is not included in the ticket price).

Katatonia screws up the pace and the intensity on their 10. studio album

Not so depressing

Katatonia has been in operation since 1991 and has followed the same recipe, more or less faithfully, but always with a successful end of the year. And even though they will soon have more broken hearts on his conscience than all the boybands always, the lobes a little on the graven souls at the Fall Of the Hearts, which are in no way near as depressing as f.ex. Dethroned And Uncrowned, which almost caused me to lose the desire to ever get out of bed again.

"Serein: Light rainfall from a cloudless sky after sunset."

And hold now shut up where is Katatonia, however, tiring to listen to. On the good way, if it kind of would. It is even more sad Opeth; if Damnation could be recorded by one other band, it was really Katatonia that would be my first choice. The two bands have more than just Sweden and long hair in common. They move both, to a certain extent, within the same spectrum of metal: Progget depridoom. But where Opeth stack and joined to the full-on prog-judgment, settle for Katatonia to screw up a bit for the in a quantity that will not overshadow the shuffling feet and deep sighs that reveals the dark currents in their anguished and kunsteriske souls. I admit that Katatonia only recently popped up on my list of bands I can name more than one number, and Opeth has been in solid rotation for over 15 years now, therefore, it is to me impossible not to compare the two bands. And here must sound a big fat BUT! For even though the two bands are very similar to each other, especially on the vocals, one can hear the difference in d'gentlemen Åkerfeldt and Renkse, in the same way parents can know the difference between their twins. It may well be that for the untrained ear is a copy/paste, but there are still distinct differences in their ways to get you to be sad. Also have Katatonia not pøset excruciating amounts of progressive in addition to their music, why it all remains more atmospheric and less elongated and the clothes, in fact, their sepia-toned music to get a little more of the otherwise, for me, overshadowing the style woven in.

For even though the pace is set a bit up now, it's still melancholic and vulnerable. The song "Old Hearts Fall" is reminiscent of r.ex. a bit about the atmosphere that permeated the Band Damnation, but is not so audible - it is not, however, becomes too hard, in any way. In fact, it helps to heighten the sense of the fragility they have not let go of from (all of) their previous albums. But then the "Serein" is the album's highest lows. There is pace, Renkse provides the rhythm guitarist of the clean vocals rear wheel, he sings like an angel in omkvædene and so has the mast a surprisingly successful keyboard check that allows associations to another nordic band who are the world champions in unrequited love: HIM. You don't ask me why, but it works. The guitar is as wistful as the vocals and the drummer live so much into it that I can't help but to imagine he plays with eyes closed to better enjoy the music, however, without missing so much as a single beat.

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