The Ferryman's End - Izegrim

The last ship has sailed

I think you, as a fan of this band shall sit and be a bit disappointed with this album with the material they have in the luggage. I would advise them to stay away from the idea of a concept album in the future, because it succeeded not with them in this game, despite the fact that they have hit right with the story.

One thing I will praise, is the female lead singer, and yes, I stress that she is a woman, because she makes it so convincing, that but in no way note that she is equipped with a slender, feminine woman's body, as she pulls some so evil screams and deep growls up as many men would have found it difficult to argue with the same conviction.

Dark story told of the hot-headed Dutch blonde

The idea is good enough, but the performance is not convincing

The fifth album in the series from the Dutch Izegrim is a so-called concept album, which deals with an inmate sitting on death row waiting for his execution. The album for each song lead you further and further into the person's bleak history. The story being put forward by the band blonde female maneater, Marloes, and she does good, but the album in its entirety is simply too boring and monotonous in length. It is too bad, when the album itself deals with a person who does not have a long time to live in. He probably had not used his last time to hear this album.

Get executed him in a hurry, thank you!

The band has been more than usually plagued by replacements of members since their origin in 1996, but it seems now that everyone has found their place, and that they have found their sound. There is not much that has changed on that front, since their otherwise excellent album Code of Consequences 2011. Now I was perhaps a little harsh in my introduction, but I have heard the album through several times, and it puts absolutely no images. When you are making a concept album and would like to tell the whole thing as one long story, so it does not mean that you can't vary the musical. It feels as a long number, and now hold the mouth shut where it gets tight in the end.

I always think it is immensely interesting, when there is a woman behind the helm of a metal band, it is seen done with flying colors in the bands as f.ex-Arch Enemy, and she does it as said very good here, the same can be said of her bandmates. They know their stuff and have a great story, but as I said, it is unfortunately all too boring in the length.

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