The God-Shaped Void - Psychotic Waltz

The progressive metalpionerers resurrection 7/10

The progressive metalsværvægtere in Psychotic Waltz has been restored and is out with their first studio album in 23 years. The god-Shaped Void is band 5. the album is mixed by Jens Bogren, who has been behind the buttons bl.a. on several of Opeth and Symphony Xs plates. With the bars pointed towards their 2 latest albums Mosquito and Bleeding are the degree put up to an epic music experience. You must recognize that much has happened in the genrespektret of the time, Psychotic Waltz has been absent, and especially in the progressive perverted, who has got a much larger audience and attention than in the past. There may be said to be a natural pressure on the band with their return and expectations for the new material. Has it been worth the wait?

The music rolls on

23 years is a long time. Music has never been so easily accessible as it is today, and in a time where music is becoming more extreme and technical, it's refreshing to hear Psychotic Waltz may demonstrate how the oldschool progressive metal to be cut. The album sticks to the more melodic style, and has gone away from the ultratekniske, as the band was very influenced by on their debut. This can also be seen on the numrenes duration which is relatively short for a prog-band. They manage anyway on The god-Shaped Void to find a compromise, which is really tight. The album's first track "Devils and Angels" is a 6:30 minute monster of a track, here, both indianerfløjte, psychedelic synthesizer, and harmonic guitar solos struck off the list. Further on in the same caliber coming "Stranded" in odd time signatures as well as the more hard striking the "Back to Black". The album's 2. the single "All the Bad But" shows in particular how to combine technicality and catchy melodies. Here is worth to highlight how the guitar is to create the melody in the chorus, and how the entire song culminates in a hefty guitar solo after the second chorus, which leads one's thoughts to some of the best from the power-metallens the world. Not all the songs on The god-Shaped Void manages to keep the same level, nevertheless there are some passages in each song that manages to pull the songs up on a really high level. In that frontman Devon Graves is not the most talented singer, and all of the songs are not just well written, it's really the instrumental work, which saves this album. A mediocre number like "While the Spiders Spin" gets downright first aid and is saved by the amazing guitar work, which in itself is enough to want to hear the song again. Also shows the band at its best on tracks like "Demystified" and on the album's heaviest number "Pull the String", which offers genuine headbanging and remarkable show a very well-placed fløjtesolo, which incidentally is, and ulmer on several of the numbers.

A strong comeback

Psychotic Waltz pistons back on the music scene with a really competent and strong album. They have preserved the roots, but is still experimental, and you can feel that the band has evolved in a positive way. The album is well-produced, and the band plays exceptionally fat. It still pulls them a bit down, is the varying quality of the songs. When you, as a band of this type choose to weigh their songs so much on the melodic parameter, are some of the songs in themselves are simply not strong enough. However, the music is really extensive, and the band works incredibly well together, and it is that which draws "The god-Shaped Void" so high up.


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