The Golden Moth - Dark Sarah

Dark Sarah on a new adventure

This is my first meeting with the Finnish Dark Sarah, despite the fact that it is the band's third album since 2015. There has been talk of a trilogy, which together tells the story of the young Sarah and her darker half, Dark Sarah, and a journey through the different worlds. All albums are crowdfundede. It is, as I said, my first encounter with the band, and the first thing I thought when the number Trespasser starts after a very symphonic intro, was that it sounds very much along the Nightfall, or even Evanescence. A nice female vocals of Heidi Parviainen sets the direction for The Golden Moth. She twitters out there and be supplemented by a male singer, namely, JP Leppäluoto, which consequently has a more masculine expression. The music is almost more symphonic and cinematic than something that resembles heavy. There are guitar/drums and metal elements on the dial, but for me drown the complete of everything else ...

Beautiful, magnificent and a bit boring

You can clearly hear that there is a lot of work behind the Dark Sarah. The symphonic stuff is magnificent and creates an atmospheric expression of the adventure, and the highly dosed metallic feature is never going to interfere, because they are so nice and not aggressive. It sounds sometimes like the music from a Tim Burton movie, and in the song "I once hate wings" succeed them in the degree to keep my attention caught, the number is really cool. But in general, I find the material on the disc here immensely nicely, pussenusset and frankly yawning boring. One number after another slides down a bit like a cotton candy. You have it in the mouth, and it disappears without, that you make an effort and leaves a sticky feeling.

When the end is good, everything is good

I can easily hear what it is, Dark Sarah want with their music. They will create images, and it succeeds in some cases also quite excellent on The Golden Moth, especially on the last part of the disc, in which the story culminates. But in general it is a disc that never gets me up to call for real. It becomes something like background music, a bit like when I hear the music in P4. When the plate is over, pinches it for me to be able to recall anything beyond a few fragments here and there. An album that certainly is interesting, if you are a fan of the style, but for me it is for the intruder and nicely.


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