The Hysterical Hunt - Lemuria

Good elements and the potential... quickly disconnected

To say it briefly and clearly; people metallen and black metallen do not play well together on this release. Lemuria, however, shows that they are immensely talented musicians, and I think also, that they would be able to make a quite good album, if they just stuck to the one of the genres, and then maybe cut a couple of minutes of some of the songs. For the album have pity also the elements and musicality, to achieve something greater. Unfortunately, it is seldom permitted to enjoy this for long periods at a time, before being interrupted by a misplaced folk metal feature or a poorly speaking speakerstemmer, that should tell one about the album's history, with a lighter maria dialect, which is not quite to that place.

People, black and symphony?

Lemuria first saw the light of day in the belgian city of Antwerp. Like the Antwerp area, the flemish language can be seen as a mix of other european languages, can Lemurias music thus also be seen as a hybrid between several of metallens many genres. Here's the special black metal (the symphonic kind) and folk metal that makes itself known in the music. A combination you don't encounter every day in metalmiljĂžet, but which nevertheless also is to find on their latest album The Hysterical Hunt. But is there something about the music, or does it work as a false mismatch?

To create a concept album

When you dive down into the Lemurias music, you will quickly discover that they are enormously pleased konceptalbums. In fact, so much so that they to date have not yet released an album without a consistent theme from start to finish, and here follows The Hysterical Hunt suit. Personally, I have always been a big fan of konceptalbums, but before such an album should be able to give opinion, both the action and the numbers to be worth noticing. Unfortunately, it is here that The Hysterical Hunt disappoints a bit. The songs are simply not strong enough to keep the listener caught up through the entire album. This is particularly the pga. numrenes length. More songs lasts around 8-9 minutes, and it is not always that the song develops specially in the time piece.

Individual makes, but this is unfortunately not a sure success. Take for example the title track, you will experience several different elements in the song. The problem is just that most of it doesn't really stick. Lemuria has, as such, really good track of black the genre and shows that they also can easily play metal, when it is, they bother. The vocals are more than excellent and has the crackling sound, as we know it from, for example, Dimmu Borgir and Satyricon. Moreover, the album is also quite well-produced, and all instruments can be heard clearly. Thus, it is evident, therefore, that there is put so much work into the album, and that it is not something that occurred from one day to the other.

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