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The Last Full Measure - Civil War


Undervældende comical disappointment


Believe In it?

The Civil War has just released their fourth disc, and it is simply a comical place. Strange rhythms and crazy vocals make it a slice, which is all too hard to take serious. The musicians are otherwise experienced; it is former members from the success of the band Sabaton, who are behind the Civil War. They chose to withdraw from the band after having been told they were going to tour much more often, but when you hear their quality consciousness, can probably be forgiven for thinking there was something else behind it.


Oh god, they mean it!

The Last Full Measure is fairly well-produced. It's about what positive I can write on the plate, there is not much to come after here. Boring riffs, which can only be varied by gøglede rundgange as in the song "Tombstone" and without any noticeable feeling of change. This is not a metal band, it is simply one long disappointment. At the top of the skuffellisten must be mentioned the lead singer Nils Patrik Johansson. If I need to (I) describe his vocals, then this is the best compared with two chickens, which quarrel with them even, where the one with the nicest voice loses. It is the most provocative by johansson's vocals, he can sing, but chooses actively in the spot to sound like an old lady with a bird in mouth. The band had scored twice as many stars, if they had avoided this absurd option, but, as I touched on before, so there is clearly not talking about a band with a better taste in music than the here touch. The song "Savannah" got me to laugh out loud when I heard it, and I thought that it had to be Sweden's answer to Red Warszawa. But they believe it.

It sounds quite awful and this kind of Donald Duck-vocals is a mystery to me how you can opt-in to it, especially when he actually is able to sing. It becomes a provocation which only draws further down!


Kill it before it lays eggs.

I've concluding is not much to add. The Civil Wars release is a blot on the power-metal genre, which otherwise has its reputation to be a bit special in advance. Avid followers, like myself, had quite simple and simply wanted us to be in addition to the here bingomusik. Try again, boys, so it may be In is being mediocre, and don't waste my time in future with polkarytmer, and fill it up with real metal instead.



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