The Last Hero - Alter Bridge

No narrow places

For fans of modern rock disappoints Alter Bridge rare, and it is certainly not the case with The Last Hero! It is a allerhelvedes whirlwind of mastodontisk music and a constant tradition of lyrical treats. It is clear that the musical duo Kennedy and Tremonti manages the show, but the pulse of bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Philips also deserves a big pat on the back! Here we have an album that works on all plans, and it simply can't trigger anything other than top marks – nice, boys!

Alter Bridge burn no bridges, but brings a hell of a rockbombe

Can I get a hero?

The melodic rock-leafed Alter Bridge have now no greater presentation; with four brilliant albums in the back they have long since cemented their status as a modern rock band in the absolute world class. They are the proof that hard work pays off, for there is certainly not been idle in the camp Alter Bridge! Since the release of the amazing Fortress-album in 2013, frontman Myles Kennedy tonset around with Slash and guitarist Mark Tremonti has created his two solo project albums, Cauterize and Dust. During all the commotion, the two trækheste also managed to write the material for The Last Hero – an album that in the broadest sense, addressing the world shortage of heroes.

Sukkersødt and hard

Many may think that the time is over from the heroism and might, but introduced in the quartet's razor-sharp context appears temarammen topical as never before. We live in a world that increasingly need rescuing – both politically, socially and in our daily comings.

With this socially critical ballast delivers The Last Hero everything, what one can expect of Alter Bridge – and then some! The listener is torn around the guitartunge passages where Tremontis the thrash roots are exposed, but simultaneously pitted against those of the boys ' grandiose rock-the smash hit and signature ballads, where Kennedy's vocals are allowed to shine. Each small tone carried over with surgical precision, and there is absolutely nothing left to chance. This is not to say that the album feels sterile and cold – far from it. It is packed with surprises and small oases, where the music is allowed to live.

In the heavy end of Alter Bridge-the scale of ravaging "The Writing On The Wall", there is a mavesurt call out to them, that closes its eyes to global warming and its fatal consequences. Then follows fætrenes perhaps the heaviest track to date: "The Other Side". With its gloomy atmosphere, Tremontis ominous guitar and Kennedy's almost whispering vocals places this number as a high flier. Just as hard hitting is the "Island Of Fools", where guitararbejdet sounds like something that is nappet directly from Tremontis solo project. The wildness continues to the phenomenal "Crows On A Wire", where the melancholy verse explodes in the super melodic chorus, where especially the vocals deserve praise.

Points are reaping the guys also for their magnificent radiorock. From the first track, "Show Me A Leader", kicks off with sharp, and even though this is Tremontis debut with the syvstrengede spade (in this context), it is a typical Alter Bridge-number. With its long, stemningsopbyggende guitarintro and catchy choruses, I dare well guarantee, that this is a safe live-hit! Shortly after løsslippes "My Champion", who, with his positive message and appropriate middeltempo is an excellent feel good song a la storhittet "Rise Today" (Blackbird) or "All Ends Well" (Fortress).

With the "Cradle to The Grave", we move into the ballad department, where pathos-the parameter is turned all the way in the weather. The intersection is a true show of power of beautiful songwriting, and it arouses more places reminiscent to the Fortress. The creation of a kind of naïveté in the voice, which makes the vocals exude fragility and strength at the same time – wow! The strong fragility continues in Kennedy's bluesy guitar solo on "This Side Of Fate", and on "You Will Be Remembered" is a sugary mood in the style of "Watch Over You" (Blackbird).

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