The Last Rager - Municipal Waste

Short, but good

There is nothing new under the sun, which is great if you are into ærkeamerikansk thrash metal, added a decent sprinkle street punk. There is nothing to postpone at the performance, and the way in which the songs are delivered, the perfect fit for the high pace, the whole run in. The four songs reminds a lot about each other, but the EP format and the short playing time makes you not have enough. In fact, you are left with the feeling that something is missing – maybe three-four songs more? But how is it with the EP's, and there is at least one, who is looking forward to the next langspiller is ready.

There is still a party in the garage

The american crossover-thrashere in Municipal Waste is back, and this time it's with yet another EP, The Last Projecting, which is the band's fourth in the series. It comes as the sequel to the quite good album, Slime and Punishment, which was published in 2017. Even though it is only a few years ago, so, the question is whether they continue in the fast-paced tempo, or about the passage of the tooth is also starting to bite from this slice will be The Last Project ever?

Ærkeamerikansk street-thrash

Thanks be to god and the law, the answer is no. Fortunately, continues the wild celebration on the u.s. east coast, and Municipal Waste continues where they left off Saturday at this year's Copenhell. There is nothing to expose on either the pace, the energy level or scale of the celebration, when the five boys from Richmond, Virginia, on kickstarter the machine, put power to the guitars and hit the accelerator out of the bottom of refuse trucks. There are thrashet through after all the rules of art, and then it is all spiced with a great punket attitude. It comes to expression already in the first cutting, where the song title "Wave of Death" shout, and the subsequent tour are answered with a oh-oh-oh chorus in the best Ramones-style, as it can only be delivered by an american band.

The music is fast as lightning and are supplied with a surplus. The sound on the record is razor-sharp, and both vocals and both guitars comes into its own in the production, which, moreover, are complimented by a rhythm section that keeps it all in place. It is enormously catchy, and one is quickly with at lufttrommer and ditto guitar at home in the living room. Municipal Waste is also not pale to be inspired or borrowing from other bands, and there is a striking similarity between the riff in the "Wave of Death" and Metallica's "Hardwired", which is also where the drums are extremely similar to each other. It is a really cool riff, and one is for both bands also quite fun. A kind of nod from the new to the old thrashere, even though it is long ago that the latter has been completely up at the same speed, what thrash is concerned.

The remaining three tracks, "Car Nivore (Street Meat)", "Rum For Your Life" and "The Last Project", is as we know Municipal Waste: rip-roaring and catchy guitar riffs, loud and changing the tempo and an aggressive and urgent vocals. The song themes are about party, party, to be the society's black sheep and then a little more party. In other words, everything that constitutes a good game of thrash.

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