The Last Stand - Sabaton

Mission accomplished!

The mission of the degree is said to be done. Sabaton has delivered a slice, which is very close to being absolutely perfect, but the pga. they are sometimes a little too klichéprægede lyrical choice and the individual generic merge pull it, however, the overall character was a bit down. However, it is quite clear that Sabaton are still some brave hitmagere, and it is all numbers, which I will be pleased to watch live - hopefully soon!




Musical warfare at the highest level

World War 8 is Sweden's fault!

The 8. release from the Swedish Sabaton is no fuser. All the guitars slider with sharp, and the lyrics are still tactically placed on warfare. Sabaton is ready to go into battle with their latest 11 numbers, and the battle is so epic. I have no more bad krigsreferencer, but it is a pretty good cd!!! And now I'll tell you why.

Mission confirmed: Satisfy my ears!

Sabaton can do something that very few metal bands can do. They can write songs, which would have potientale to win a), control. It is not said with any kind of negativity, but on the contrary, with respect. For Sabaton delivers Sabaton-songs - songs about war, heroic deeds and legendary battles. In the catchy and easily recognizable chorus, as we sing with on the pr. automaticity. This is also the case in The Last Stand. However, and this is said by a Sabaton fan, some clichés, which are not major.

The first number is the "Sparta", and of course it's about the battle between the 300 spartans and the Persian army back in the year 100-futsko. Here drawers Sabaton, they should have kept to historical facts instead of stealing from an action movie. A bad start, as they however obtained - as Jørgen Leth would have kvædet it.

Now comes hurdle number two, unfortunately, already. For Sabaton writes two kinds of songs: The one kind is the epic, very unique and catchy smash hit. The other is the generic "meh"experiences, and it is the "Last Dying Breath" unfortunately.

But now there is other buns on the soup, for "Blood of Bannockborn" is fed! Bagpipes is a must, when you sing about Scotland, and we are now served a new fact. It is not only the generic strygerlyd from the keyboard (which is played by the lead singer Joakim Brodén), but various other organ - and synth-sounds that are being experimented with, and it works damn good! Thumps up, Scrooge!

Both "The Lost Battalion" and the cd's title track, "The Last Stand", is also new Sabaton-hits, and especially "The Last Stand", as with the grandprix trick, where they go straight to a whole tone up in the last chorus, gets stuck in the brain as a Swedish tumor. The release you just do not again!

"Shiroyama" is something very special. The song of the 500 samurais, which defies the imperielle army, is going to be on the Sabatons setlister in the future - it is, I will bet my left testicle on! The way, the sharp and precise guitar riffs and the vocals hit each other, is a stroke of genius without equal!

With slutnummeret, "The Last Battle", closes the fine of with a more catchy øreguf, and it is great to hear Sabaton to be more unique than many other power metal bands.

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