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The Light That Shines - Fractal Gates

Ask the children, father hear the music!

The only "problem" is to find The Light That Shines, is that it is a true odyssey and therefore must be heard from start to finish. The songs can stand alone, but there is so much lost, if you start to pick or put them on in any order. It would be like to read a book by just thumbing through the chapters complete random. And in the same way that a good book must be The Light That Shines be enjoyed in the comfort, preferably in a soft chair, in a room with a dim light, while you lean back, close your eyes and just experience the music, which of course is turned up to 11.

There are 2018

A 44-minute sci-fi melodic dødsmetalenergi. The following describes Fractal Gates, even their latest and third album, The Light That Shines. If you, like I, was not familiar with this French quintet, so hold on tight! Fractal Gates has been around since 2009, and ever since day one they have made it clear that they wanted to be a supernørdet band. And yes, we're talking classic geeky with Star Trek, hinkestensbriller and ganebøjle, therefore, is an absolutely classic "stereotypical 1980's-komedieserienørd" a la Steve Urkel. The band's previous releases, the Altered State of Consciousness and Beyond the Self, is more or less flown under the radar, but time is not to The Light That Shines can make themselves the more remarkable.

70's-prog from outer space

"There are not' bad sci-fi!", is a statement, one of my colleagues often come with. I personally don't agree, but I think, however, that the Fractal Gates is. The parisian group has made it very clear that science fiction, aliens, black holes, etc., is the niche they want to be inspired by, without that it will be decidedly aliencore such as Rings of Saturn – thankfully. Fractal Gates refer to themselves as being prog-melodød, and it is precisely the merger between prog and sci-fi can be something very special. There is something about the soft and almost massaging elements from prog, which just fits perfectly to science fiction – something we have known, ever since that King Crimson and Pink Floyd made the music in the beginning of the 1970s. However, it must not be understood, as if to Fractal Gates uses the same song structures or elements such as the 70's prog-bands, since they have chosen to combine their proggede elements with classic melodød, as we best know it from Sweden. This combination makes the dødsmetaldelen will be tremendously toned down, all the while the melodic and the progressive have found the way to 70'the bollerum. Actually it's almost only release Sebastien pierre's vocals, that makes, that we can even call it death metal, as he growler from start to finish and do it very well. It reminds the most about the rhythm guitarist's vocals from the ex-Opeth/Bloodbath, which is hardly a case. Sci-fi-the sound and the sense will be, further, followed to the door of the three instrumental tracks "Visions of X", "Visions of XI" and "Visions XII", which all sound as though they are composed by Jack Wall (fol.a. has made the soundtrack to the Mass Effecttrilogy). Although the numbers are not even together coming up on three minutes, they are placed so that they form a fantastic frame around the sci-fi journey that Fractal Gates would like to have us on. It is therefore clear, that nothing is left to chance on The Light That Shines.

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