The Living Infinite - Soilwork

Soilwork brillierer, even with so many years of experience

There are many melodic dødsmetalbands from Sweden, and Soilwork are not any exception. They were formed in 1995 under a different name, but changed quickly, already in 1996, the name to Soilwork. Their debut album was released in 1998, and their success came in earnest with the third album, in 2000. Now we are at the ninth studio album called The Living Infinite, and I must say that I am mildes spoken impressed.

The album begins with a little violin on the track "Spectrum Of Eternity", which, however, immediately goes over into something more familiar melodød, and quickly passed over in the first verse, where the vocals also come in, and fits perfect right from the start. At the same time, the number is also energetic and varied, so it is not at any time gets boring, even under the atmospheric piece. On omkvædene there is also something reminiscent of the clean vocals, and somehow they managed to get clean vocals, raw vocals and the music to play so perfectly together that you almost can't understand it. However, the tempo is already set down on another number, and it can be alarming. But if you listen for, then the number is even more varied than the first, and they create atmosphere. So there is still no criticisms to spot. On third number is that screwed up the pace, and the number is also more solid than in the past. The chorus is catchy, and the riff is not at all to complain about. At the same time, boredom is a concept that puts a more and more distant, as this number has both energetic and atmospheric elements. Through the album varies the tempo, atmosphere and energy very much. The only thing that does not vary is the quality of the music. The drummer is always tremendously energetic, the guitarist plays some sweaty riffs and wild guitar solos (they vary in tempo, and the vocals are so varied and fits nevertheless perfectly every time, even when they make use of the pure. The only problem with the album is the length. To listen through the 20 tracks on the same album may well be challenging, even if it is as good as The Living Infinite is. However, it is recommended that it arms itself with patience. You are patient, and when all the way to the twentieth number, "Owls Predict Oracles Stand Guard", joined the album quite nicely. It is one of the slowest tracks on the album, but at the same time with the most atmosphere, and with the most use of clean vocals. The number will fade out eventually, and you sit with a feeling that you've gotten comfortable enough out of the album. Neither too much or too little.

The Living Infinite is a masterpiece of melodic death metal. The album sounds not only as a masterpiece, it oozes, screams, smells far away of a masterpiece. The only criticism is the length, but it is only the impatient people who will be affected by it. The Living Infinite gets my allervarmeste recommendations, and a 10/10 from here.

Spectrum of Eternity is, in my opinion, one of the album's best numbers.

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