The Ninth Hour - Sonata Arctica

Maybe next time

I look forward to hearing what Sonata Arctica come up with next, they make music because I genuinely like them. But they must not be 'AC/DC 2'. There must be something new, otherwise it is a rather tough game to get through. I would recommend The Ninth Hour to anyone who would like to have power metal in the background. But if you're looking for gold, then you have to unfortunately look far.

Do as the Windows, and jump over the 9'eren

Repetition in a new way

If you are into power metal, there is a good chance that you've heard Sonata Arctica before. They have been on the scene for many years and has always been a solid supplier of high-quality power. But now it is as if we are approaching the top.

Do you do what you always do, you get it, you always get

Sonata Arctica manage with their ninth studio album The Ninth Hour is not to completely shake off their last few albums. It is as if the album just IS. It works as a well-intentioned sequel to Pariah's Child, but it is just the same songs again. And they are good! But we have heard them before. And you don't necessarily need to reinvent the wheel at every album, but you may like to try to vary it a little more, than has been the case here. We get here a standard recipe for how Sonata Arctica sounds and yes, it sounds damn good. But there is something missing sincerity and something epic in this. And then there's the new twist. One of the songs is called even "White Pearl, Black Oceans, Part II". Tony Kakko sings still the best, he has learned, but he never comes over in the groovede, cool pieces, where his voice really comes to its right. Neither comes keyboardist Henrik Klingenberg to his right, for there is no game over the orchestral on this disc. And so, unfortunately, there is the hurdle that the vocals are often very low in the mix.

Bad sound kills good music, people!

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