The Omniclasm - Lich King

The rest of their back catalogue...

... must of course be checked out and home to the collection as and when I get ordered new. It is just still some holes, among many, that needs to be closed. To bring together music and becomes a never-ending hobby, you will never be finished with, and it's something of the cool thing about it. New bands, new sheaves, new experiences – and the Lich King is definitely one of them.

When you can do it yourself, almost to perfection

Sorry, I have sinned...

You know? You have actually seen a band featured and know it, therefore, name only for a long time.
How has – or rather had – I the with american the Lich King. It is not out of dislike or because I had a perception that I would not like them, that I never really got them checked out. There has just been so damn many other things that I got checked out instead. It is clearly a huge gaffe in my already meager upbringing. Nevertheless, they have released six full-length discs since his debut in 2007. How it then managed not to get checked one of these slices, except for this new and seventh album, is to me an insoluble riddle, which of course I will do everything possible to rectify by buying their discs are, as yet ordered new home for the collection.

Selvgjort is velgjort...

The Lich King is playing full-fat crossover/thrash with a pinch of hardcore, which is shown clearly manifested on their previous album, the Do-Over from 2014. The cover was a modified version of D. R. I.'s legendary cover from the equally legendary crossover disc, which was released in 1987, and which finally defined the crossover genre.

On The Omniclasm continued the style of the full hammer! Lots of cool riffs, intense "mosh party", tonsende great energy, lots of dynamics, groove and catchiness are just some of the things that makes the disc worth checking out and, of course, worth it to add to your steadily growing collection. It is, quite simply, the music of absolute world class. Not very original, but you certainly can't claim anything else than that the craft is carried out with the greatest of joy and creativity from all the members.

It turns out that the individual members have had changing roles on the various discs they have released. F. ex. Mike Dreher (Condition Critical and other) new in the band. The former bassist Nick Timney now playing lead guitar, and the bassist, as the band was formed with in its time (2004), Joe Nickerson, is now playing rhythm guitar. The confusion is total! The only thing that's been on their seats, is the singer Tom Martin and drummer Brian Westbrook, which is also the band's producer.

And just the production is almost done to perfection. When you do things yourself, you can of course also get it, as you yourself would like to have it. A supersprød production, where the bass is nicely promoting in the soundscape, just as it also does it in Condition Critical – mon, it is Mike Drehers profit?!? It just gives some extra power in the sound image and the general appearance. It all fits really well to the genre, the Lich King does.

The production is not the only thing the Lich King to do themselves. The Omniclasm is also their first disc, which they choose to publish themselves, completely bypassing the various record companies. It is now, the dial is neither worse or better. It is and will be a release of high, high quality.

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