The Optimist - Anathema

The old boys. And woman.

As most of you know, is Anathema, a band with a few years old now. For each album they make, you can clearly feel this experience. Despite its title as one of the pioneers of death/doom metal in the Uk, they have evolved to become a band with a progressive rocktalent, and it becomes almost only better for each plate.

What happened to the optimist?

Anathema has, with The Optimist, made as a part of other bands with the tales entangled in their repertoire. They have drilled down in one of their previous stories, and with creative minds asked asked questions to themselves, where the result is The Optimist.

We must go back to 2001 and the band's debut album A Fine Day to Exit. An album characterized by a progressive/concept-aura and a mysterious, open ending. All you know is that the man leaves the protagonist on a beach. Based on this end of Anathema now decided to dig into their own history, and they start the new washer exactly where A Fine Day to Exit ends: on the Silverstrand Beach, San Diego. Introsangens title at The Optimist is near the coordinates, and with the knowledge is the album's concept shot in time. What happened to the optimist?

Anathema may well like to experiment, but above all, they focus on the fact that their music must hit quite right. I would venture to say, that plate is one of their more advanced projects to date. It is simple, yet peppered with interesting details, and you can clearly feel that there is thought about it, and that the feelings are also. It is rare that you hear an album full of dark and melancholy and, at the same time has a beautiful, hopeful veil over themselves. This underlines again the band's talent, and that they know what they want and how they get there.

Another cool feature of the latest release is that the band has recorded it together, instead of recording their individual parts for themselves. This is intentionally in order to preserve the special atmosphere that is created when a band plays their music together, and it has clearly an effect of the album.

Listen to it and enjoy the ride

I have purposely avoided delving too much into the individual songs, since my assessment of the record is that it should be enjoyed as one whole. My recommendation is that you take the time to listen to it and live into it. Anathema manages to create the right atmosphere, so it feels as though you are sitting in the back seat under the album and follows Optimistens journey and of his feelings along the way.

In addition to my love for metal, I have also a love for the progressive genres and post rock. If you, like me, have a weakness for the latter genres, you will understand to appreciate on this disc, and if you do not have, I think, you have to start here. It is a superb release that lives up to its name, while at the same time it is dark and atmospheric. The last track on the album, "Back to the Start", is far more cheerful, and it rounds out the story perfectly. The best thing about it all is that the number to provide an open end on the plate, so the listener is left with the opportunity to interpret on what happens with the optimist.

P. S. When you think the album is over, so get just hanging around to "end credits" is completely over.

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